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Vivian Dash: Art and Prejudice

We interviewed Vivian Dash, an independent webcam performer and custom content creator. She does private sessions on webcam and custom content sessions where she “sends pictures and videos directed live by the client.” At twenty five, Vivian has been working in the adult industry for 4 years.

Vivian Dash says her biggest challenge as an independent model is the payment system.

vivian dash independent webcam model sex worker cam performer

“We can’t use any of the mainstream payment processors such as PayPal, cash app, venmo, etc. So we rely on sites that make the transactions for us, we have to abide to their rules (which are a bit arbitrary and change from time to time), besides the fact that many clients are reticent to put their credit cards on an adult [site] and most are not tech savvy enough to use crypto.”

“Another challenge is how to drive traffic while being censored on social media,” she adds.

“As an independent model, I don’t work for a big webcam site with webmasters and a marketing team, I need to find my own clients and drive traffic on my own. Social media is wonderful for that, but sex workers such as webcam models are deleted and/or shadow banned from places like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Making it hard for us to reach an audience on our own.”

Vivian’s experience in the adult industry has changed her for the better, she says.

“I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people that it really changed me. I love that I’m able to get in contact with so many different human beings I’d never have had the opportunity to if it wasn’t for sex work and it really has broadened my horizons.

The main thing is probably the respect. Respect for other people’s opinions and fetishes, as there is a place for everyone. I’ve learned how many different bodies can turn me on. I cherish them, young or old, skinny, fat, muscular, hairy or shaved, men, women and all other genders.

People are sexy!”

Like many people, Vivian once held the belief that men prefer shaved women. But, she explains…

“Last year I held a contest where my clients could vote if they wanted me to “shave or save the bush”. To my surprise, I had waaaay more votes for the bush than I expected. Hair is sexy!”

Vivian Dash is happy and fulfilled, saying she sees her work as art.

vivian dash sex worker webcam model interview

“I’m able to use my creativity in so many wonderful ways and that makes me happy and fulfilled. I see what I do as art. A webcam session is like a personal pocket theater show where I have the honor to bring life to my client’s fantasy.

How cool is that?

I’m happier than ever and that’s because I can use my creativity and my sexuality – two things that are very important to me – in ways I never could before.”

Vivian keeps her adult work private from family and friends, as many in the industry must.

“That’s a personal choice because I have another career and live in a very conservative place. It’s changed me in a humble way. Today I listen more and talk less, since I don’t want to draw attention to myself.”

According to Vivian Dash, the only bad thing about sex work is the prejudice.

“Prejudice from the mainstream companies that censor us.

Prejudice from (some) clients that believe they don’t need to treat us with respect.

Prejudice from society that judges us if we talk openly about our occupation.

Prejudice from politically engaged people who see us either as victims that need to be saved or as immoral perverts that need to be shunned.

We are normal people. Doing sex work is like running a small business: you have to do marketing, sales, admin work, pay taxes, etc. It may not be for everyone but it’s great for those that choose it. It’s the prejudice that really fucks it up.

Vivian goes on to say the adult industry gives her both the freedom and the financial independence to achieve her dreams.

Seeking Vivian’s wisdom for those new to the adult industry, she says it’s “easy to play but hard to master.”

“If you want to stand out from the competition you need to know how to make people notice you. Learn how to sell, how to market, how to take and edit nice pics and videos, how to make a site, manage social media, be very tech savvy, be financially literate, speak multiple languages, etc.

My best advice: study!”

vivian dash independent cam performer webcam model sex worker

Wanna connect with Vivian? – “My site with all information of the services I provide and the sites I take payments from. Everything from webcam shows, custom videos, text sessions, phone sex, pre made porn, subscriptions, fetish and GFE packages, etc.”

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