Rachael: I’m Rachael from and I’m here with the award-winning mayor of Fuckville, Veronika Rose.

Veronika: Nice to meet you!

How long have you been working as a webcam model?

Veronika: July 15th 2013. So my camiversary with Chaturbate is November 11, 2013.

Rachael: Lovely!

Talk to me about the early days and learning how to run your cam room. What were some of your biggest challenges?

Veronika: When I started camming I was also working another job. I started it to get some extra money. When you have a job and you work in the adult industry you always have that thing in the back of your mind like “oh my god I hope no one finds out, I hope I’m not gonna lose my job.” That’s one thing.

Then of course when I started camming I had no clue what I was doing. I had to learn everything by myself, I had no one to help me, and then of course the trolls when they came in. But I managed it really well, and I did it all by myself.

Things got really bad where I used to work, and I quit my job. And I started doing this full time and I’m really really happy, and I’m actually kind of mad that I hadn’t done this a lot earlier and that I hadn’t found out about it a lot earlier.

Rachael: I think a lot of us feel that way!

Do you remember the very first game you invented for your cam show?

Veronika: I think it was the black light show. I needed a black light, and like I said I’d just started – I still was on a budget, so I couldn’t really afford a blacklight. So my fans were buying all the colours and the blacklight. And that was the first thing I did. And then after that I did stuff with balloons.

I started off really small, you know.

What are some of your favourite games or contest ideas that you’ve used in your shows?

Veronika: Token Keno – where you can tip toward different kinds of prizes, and of course they’re hidden, you don’t know what you win.

My most favourite one I like to do is stuff with my green screen. So I like to dress up and like – tomorrow I’m gonna be in the woods. And I’m gonna hunt for deer! (Well not really, I love animals and I would never ever hurt an animal.) But yeah, I’m gonna go hunting tomorrow in the woods. I have like targets everywhere and I’m gonna shoot. And I tell people, like hey okay listen: you can tip this much tokens and if I hit the target you lose and I win, and if they win then they win a prize.

Rachael: That’s so creative, I love it!

Veronika: I make so many things. I can’t even. I remember when I put up a big bath tub and just put ice in it, and of course I lost so I had to take a bath in the ice.

I love to make up stuff!

You can go on YouTube and you find like party games you can kinda use for your cam room.

I actually took two of my daughter’s games: Hi Ho Cherry O, someone made an app for me. And Chutes and Ladders. I’m trying always to do something to keep things interesting.

Rachael: That’s awesome!

Do you recommend the use of any particular Chaturbate apps or bots?

Veronika: I found that battleship game and I’m like oh my god I can use that, and I was setting everything up figuring things out how I’m gonna type everything in my chat room, and I turn my chat room on and everyone’s like “oh there’s an app for that, or a bot!” And I’m like “seriously?! I put so much work into it!” The same thing with Blackjack. I was playing blackjack with cards for while and they were like, hey there’s a game now!

The thing is sometimes you get a little bit lazy doing stuff like, you know, with blackjack. I think you have a lot more interactions with your fans if you use the cards than just use a bot. So sometimes I’ll get a little bit lazy, I’ll just turn it on. I like using them a lot, but I also like to make my own games.

What are your thoughts on tip activated toys?

veronika rose german chaturbate model

I hate that.

And I’m honest with you. I have a Hush and I have a Domi. And the thing is nowadays you really only make money with those toys.

I remember when I started over 5 years ago, it was always so much fun going into another cam girl’s room, playing token keno, roll the dice, and stuff like that, and inventing new games and it was so much fun! But then when those Lovense and stuff like that started, all you see is those toys. You don’t see hardly nothing else no more. And I’m like, “I’m not doing this! I’m not doing this!” I was trying to boycott all that stuff.

And then after a while I realized, I’m like “I don’t hardly make any tokens. I need to pay my bills.” And I’m like “OK I’m gonna try the Hush. It’s still not the pink toy, you know.” And so I used the Hush and I’m like okay I’m only gonna do that once a week. Because I also had a lot of people coming into my chat saying “oh my gosh finally someone who doesn’t use that toy!” But if I have a really bad week where I’m like, “oh my god I don’t know how to pay my bills” – I use the Domi, I use the Hush.

Because there are a lot of guys they love to control you. And I love it, I love those vibrating toys. It gives me a lot of pleasure.

But it also upsets me when I see the girls that act like they’re having a seizure or like the exorcist or something and like “that’s not true!” Lots of guys falling for it, you know. Whatever, I’m not like that. And I know it sounds maybe mean or harsh towards other cam models, but I don’t like them. I wish they would disappear and girls and guys would start doing their own thing again. So I mean, I use it too, but only once, maybe twice a week.

You have an impressive profile over on Chaturbate – so many interesting games and contests. I just found myself reading through it over and over. So I have to ask, what’s your secret?

I just want people to have fun.

And sometimes that stuff just pops up like in the middle of the night when I walk to the bathroom, like “Ohh my god I could do this!” For example with the T-Shirt contest I have, that really happened when I woke up at night because my dogs were barking and I’m like “Oh my god I could do something like that!”

The next one is gonna be – because I’m published in Inked Magazine, so I told the guys you gotta hurry up and someone’s gotta win that shirt because the next one’s gonna be that magazine signed by me. Like I said, I’m trying to keep things interesting and fun!

Rachael: It looks like you’re doing a really good job of it.

Consider a new model who’s looking to create their own games and contests. What would you recommend as a good starting point?

I would start with a small raffle, like a 30 minute private show or a photo set or videos. That’s how I started off. And now I’m like with T-shirts and cigarette lighters and all kinds of stuff. Start off with something small to see if the people really like it. Don’t spend too much money at the beginning.

I understand you’ve received a number of awards over the years. Would you like to tell us about those?

My first award was 2016 with the Inked awards for perfect pussy and social media queen, which was amazing. That’s actually when my career started going off really bad. Cammy Awards – MILF Performer of the Year. Then it was Halloween Hottie. Feature of the Year with Inked Awards, and then it was Miss February with the Cammy Awards.

With two of the awards I’m actually a little bit sad because you can really only win if your fans pay for your votes, and that’s not fair.

That’s kind of silly.

So I was up for the AVN awards, which is like the Emmy/Oscars for cam models. I didn’t win but I was really honored that I was nominated for favorite cam model. Right now I am nominated with the Cammy Awards for Best Smile, MILF Performer of the Year, Princess of the Year, and Best Cam Duo with Niki Ink. So let’s see what’s gonna happen!

Awesome! Good luck with those.

Thank you.

And what are some of your goals for your future, as well as the future of Fuckville?

My goal is to be a cam model as long as possible My goal is to finally be able to save up some money to do stuff with my family, have lots of fun, and I hope that the people enjoy me.

Rachael: Wonderful! That’s all I have. Do you have any other closing thoughts?

Veronika: Maybe something for the new cam models.

Don’t hesitate to ask other models for help. I’m sure there are a lot out there that will help you. And don’t let the trolls get to you. Also don’t talk too much about your private life. Don’t do that. It can get scary.

Rachael: That’s good advice!

Thank you so much, Veronika!

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