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Ultra Krina: Building Her Brand in the Sex Industry

We interviewed Ultra Krina, 23 year old cam performer and content creator from Italy. She’s been working in the sex industry for 2 years.

Ultra Krina says her work in the sex industry has raised her standards and self confidence.

“Sex work made me more comfortable with my body. There is really a niche for anyone in the adult industry, so that everyone can feel appreciated. What I hate about my body, it’s probably my fans’ favorite thing, and so on. Knowing that people are willing to pay to see me and interact with me, it makes me raise my standards and my self confidence.”

Sex work has given Ultra Krina the freedom to work on her own terms.

“The freedom of taking hours/days off for my mental and physical health. Working vanilla jobs you have to ask for permission, and when you have chronic diseases such as migraine or depression, it can be overwhelming and make you feel guilty. Having and deciding my own schedule is one of the things I love about this job the most.”

We’re happy to report that her choice of work hasn’t affected her close relationships.

“I am a very lucky girl. My family and friends are open minded so my job didn’t affect any of my close relationships. I am thankful for it everyday!”

Our society has a lot of preconceived ideas about sex work. On the subject of choice, Ultra Krina states:

“No one forced me into doing this. I chose it 100% on my own and I am happy with it! This is the most shocking news I guess!”

Her biggest challenge? Marketing.

“Biggest challenge, and it still is now – find the right marketing strategy. Promotion, networking, and selling are the most important things in this job and it can take a while to figure out how to properly do all of this in order to grow a successful brand.”

According to Ultra Krina, making porn is a “job like any other.”

“Watching porn makes you think and fantasize about weird and extraordinary stuff. But when you get into it, working as a porn clip maker, reality is that it’s a job like any other. It is not easy, it is full time if not more, and it takes hard work and patience.”

When prompted about her future goals, Ultra Krina responded:

“If there’s one thing I like to fantasize about, it’s using my future success to do something about sex education, sex work stigma, and the LGBTQ+ community.”

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