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Support & Networking for Sex Workers (& New Podcast Coming Soon)

I have to start by saying holy shit it’s been forever. So, thanks for showing up. I’m excited to announce that I have a new home office, and I’m starting to like actually do stuff. I have plans to begin a total revamp of Cam Orbits the website to better align with my long term vision for the work I want to do.

I started a new job this week, vanilla style. Needed to start making money again and I’ve been a sex worker on hiatus for some time due to my mental health situation, and also I’ve been exploring my gender identity and started taking hormones and that’s been just a rollercoaster of fun. Anyway, I came on here to talk about safe spaces for sex workers, cam models, webcam girls, webcam internet modeling online, am I keyword stuffing? Am I?

Sex workers are one of many groups of people who experience marginalization in our society.

We experience discrimination in our personal and professional relationships. We experience discrimination from total strangers who assume that you are what you do for a living. It’s hard sometimes to explain, and even if you have a cover story good to go and you’re confident, there’s still part of you that really wishes you could just tell the landlord how you make porn on the internet and that’s how you have all this cash and can I rent this apartment now.

We share an experience of life that is unique. Working in the adult entertainment industry requires a set of entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills that certainly gives us an advantage in terms of potential to collaborate toward social change.

How to create safe spaces

Many enterprising sex workers have gone before, and created safe spaces for our community. I’d like to start a list. If you know of a sex worker or group of sex workers who are leading the way, please let me know. Just shoot me an email or drop them in the comments!

Safe Spaces & Resources for Sex Workers on the Internet:

Pineapple Support

pineapple support free and discount therapy for sex workers non profit
Pineapple Support Society is an inclusive support and therapy service for people working in the online adult industry.
Sex-worker friendly, kink-aware therapists offer face-to-face and online video therapy sessions. They also raise funds to help with the costs of professional coaching, counselling and therapy for those who need it.


Wecamgirls Forum

WeCamgirls is an active community and forum exclusively for verified cam performers and other industry professionals.
Tons of resources and info for new and experienced webcam models.
They also have a live chat feature.


Moving forward Cam Orbits would like to host scheduled online group support meetings and networking events for verified sex workers and other adult entertainment industry professionals. Any interested participants and facilitators please get in touch and I will start a list for this too.
When enough interest has been expressed we will make this happen.

Cam Orbits Online Sex Worker Support & Networking Initiatives, Expression of Interest

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If less than 1 yr, select 0. If more than 10 yrs, select 10. Let me know in the comment field.
Thanks! Hit that Submit button.

Coming up: Anna Cherry and I are putting together a podcast (fancy schmancy on all the major video and audio platforms).

Well I have to get my shit together and start finding interviewees with cool stories about how sex work shows up in the world. I have about five performers on this list so far and I’d love to add some names.

Please reach out if you have a story you’d like to share!

We are particularly interested in hearing stories about,
1. how sex work saved you, or
2. how sex work interacts with any other social intersections you find yourself in – especially in the context of academia, personal life, and professional pursuits.

Send your name, preferred contact method, and a couple lines about your story to be considered for the podcast.

Okay, talk soon.