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CamOrbits Community & Networking Initiatives for Sex Workers

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I would like to start organizing scheduled online group support meetings, discussion groups, networking events, and collaborative initiatives for verified sex workers and other adult entertainment industry professionals.

Any interested participants, facilitators, and organizers– please fill out the form below and I will start a list.
Let’s make some shit happen!

sex workers community networking initiative camorbits

Professional Support & Coaching

For those getting started in the adult entertainment industry, or looking to grow their existing platform, I’d like to connect coaches with those who will benefit from coaching, and get you started on a supported path to reaching your potential within the industry and beyond. I’d like to organize workshops and meetings to discuss professional development.

Professional Networking & Social Entrepreneurship (Viva la Revolution!)

The adult entertainment industry is in a unique position in the context of the world today. We are a community of people who have forged our own path through this capitalist hell hole and we’ve made it work for us, instead of the other way around. Though society doesn’t see it yet, we are leading the way. Think of the effect it could have if we team up and work together on social justice, anti-oppression, and grassroots initiatives. This is our moment. Make porn for change. I’m sorry, I can’t stop.

Personal Support & Sharing

I’d like to connect mental health professionals and other personal support workers with sex workers, and also organize health and wellness workshops, and real casual drop-in meetings.

Personal Networking & Creative Projects

Dude, we can do anything. We’re kind of awesome.

OK, here’s the form thing:

Online Sex Worker Support & Networking Initiatives,
Expression of Interest

Selected Value: 0
If less than 1 yr, select 0. If more than 10 yrs, select 10. Let me know in the comment field.
Thanks! Hit that Submit button.


Pineapple Support

pineapple support free and discount therapy for sex workers non profit
Pineapple Support Society is an inclusive support and therapy service for people working in the online adult industry.
Sex-worker friendly, kink-aware therapists offer face-to-face and online video therapy sessions. They also raise funds to help with the costs of professional coaching, counselling and therapy for those who need it.

Wecamgirls Forum

WeCamgirls is an active community and forum exclusively for verified cam performers and other industry professionals.
Tons of resources and info for new and experienced webcam models.
They also have a live chat feature.



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