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Streamate: Demands Quality & Rewards Success

I was reluctant to join Streamate for the longest time because of the 35% cut models get, the lowest payout I have seen in the adult industry.

The only reason I joined this site was because Ifriends, the oldest pay-per-minute site, unexpectedly decided to close down and I needed a site similar to that one. A lot of my fans from there were not too fond of token sites. My search led to Streamate and I took the plunge. So, how was it?

streamate review become a webcam model

Streamate Demands Quality and Rewards Success

Rank is very easy to get up high and stay high if you work your new model status just right. For me, it also helped I had a loyal fanbase to follow me to this site who realize the importance of tags and ratings.

As a new model, you get the status for a whole month.

This is the best promotion I have seen on any site. I made sure to cam as much as possible in order to get new and reliable members. The strategy worked! Since my pay-per-minute rates are the highest on this site, I definitely went all out in private shows. The more five star ratings you get, the higher you will be on the front page.

However, making money and rank alone isn’t enough to get you on the front page.

Streamate uses their own interface for models to broadcast on. Another aspect of rank is how fast your internet connection is, your camming equipment, and if you use their latest interface. I’m glad that on the dashboard it tells you if you are broadcasting at what they deem as the best quality.

With the combination of star ratings and the technical aspects, any model can make it to the front page and be consistently on there on a day to day basis. Just from this alone, I am able to get a lot of traffic. Tags and allowing yourself to be promoted elsewhere such as PornHub, also helps out a great deal too.

Making Money on Streamate is All About Private Shows

There are several ways to make money on Streamate.

First is the exclusive one-on-one private rate. I have this one set the highest because it’s the only time I offer the phone service, which I highly recommend implementing. This option is truly a one-on-one show without anyone else entering.

Then there’s the regular private show. I set the rate on this lower because anyone can join. I also recommend offering block shows at a discounted rate.

Streamate recently added a fan club feature. This is where you get paid upfront and the member gets discounted shows for a month. I have yet to work with this feature just because once you set it up and publish it, you cannot take it down.

Despite this being a cam site, videos sell on here quite wonderfully. I have members strictly come by just to purchase videos. Also, it is a great option to have if a member does not have the funds to purchase a private show, but can still buy a video.

Another option is the gold tip menu. I offer small sexy options such as spanks, flash tits, feet, and then higher priced options just as dirty talk, blowjob on dildo, and more.

Models can also run gold shows, which work in much the same way as token sites. You have a set goal and members tip in order to achieve it so all of them can watch the show. Personally, I get so many members strictly interested in private shows, I have not felt a need to run a gold show.

Streamate’s Rules Are Strict, but Exist For a Reason

Streamate is the strictest pay-per-minute site I have ever been on. There is absolutely no nudity below the belt. Topless is ok and so is butt with panties on, but you will be banned from the site if you show off anything else. Personally, I do not mind this since it gives members a reason to go private to see everything. It also gives them a reason to purchase explicit videos. Do keep in mind the first 30 seconds in any private show are free for members, so do not be quick to take everything off.

On the flip side, the rules are there to help the models. For instance, a model can get a low star rank removed as long as they write to support within 24 hours. I have only had to do this twice for unfair one star rankings and they are quick to remove them.

Streamate is the Best Pay-Per-Minute Cam Site Available

Overall, with a site I was not sure I was going to like in the first place, I have grown to love the site. While a 35% payout is not ideal, if you price your pay-per-minute rate to make the same amount you would on a different site that pays out 50%, then it is the same amount of work. Yes, members might complain about the price, but let’s be honest, there will always be members who complain about any price if it’s not free.

If you need a pay-per-minute site, I highly recommend camming on Streamate.

  • Make use of the new model status and work a lot.
  • Figure out your prices and stick to them.
  • Set a Gold tip menu with low price items.
  • Get a variety of videos uploaded.
  • Lastly, invest in some good camming equipment. Streamate has articles to help ensure you will be camming at optimal settings.
  • Besides that, ask members to give you tags and encourage great ratings if they enjoyed a private show.

It might take a lot of work in the beginning to get to where you want to be, but it is totally worth it. Currently, this is my number one cam site.

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