We interviewed Steph Sia, a 31-year-old in-person and virtual provider from Vancouver, Canada. To name a few things, Steph Sia is a world traveler, podcaster, and YouTuber. In her interview, she shares some tidbits about business and destigmatizing sex work.

How long have you been working in the adult entertainment industry, and how did that start for you?

I started in the industry as a sugar baby. I sugared for about 8 years.

Talk about the early days and learning how to run your business. What was your biggest challenge getting started in this industry?

Trial and error. I really did not have any experience or business acumen in this specific industry when I first started sugaring. I had no idea that it was even considered sex work. Looking back at it now, there are so many things I would do differently. Setting boundaries was non-existent and are a huge factor for me now. That, and knowing my own worth and how I value myself.

How has working in porn changed you as a person or affected the way you see yourself?

Honestly, I will say that working in sex work as a whole has made me more confident, opened my eyes to the injustices that happen in our industry, and has inspired me to educate those who are outside of our industry in order for change to happen. We’ve got a long way to go.

How has your work affected your daily life and relationships with family and friends?

It has not. I’ve always been transparent for most of my career. While I don’t outwardly or actively advertise it, my friends and family are mostly cool with it…to an extent.

How has your work affected your view of society or perspective of porn in the context of the world today?

Ah, the world has a lot of opening up to do. Society is still based on super patriarchal, conservative, colonial, and archaic values. With my podcast, Stripped by SIA, I feel that I have a duty to try my best in educating the masses on sex work in order to destigmatize or at least provide a better understanding to folks that do not live our lives. As I said earlier, society has a long way to go.

What do you think is the most important issue facing the industry today? What can we do?

Current laws and legislation, globally, bar sex workers from doing our jobs. Oftentimes, we are lumped in together with trafficked victims and exploitation. While there are instances that this does happen, it’s not fair for adults consenting to be in this industry to be shared under that umbrella. Laws such as SESTA/FOSTA in the USA, Bill C-36 in Canada, cybersex laws in the Philippines, the Nordic model in Europe, etc. prevent sex workers from advertising, conducting their business safely and in some parts of the world, prevent workers access to sexual health resources that are pertinent to the job. Laws that are in effect do nothing but reinforce that sex work is a negative profession to be in.

We can write into our local law office, ideally have local MPs weave in sex worker rights into their mandates, donate to sex worker support organizations, tip your sex workers and join their subscription sites, just to name a few.

What are your thoughts about the future and continuing evolution of the adult entertainment industry?

A lot of it is free and it seems to be continuing to go in that direction. Accessibility is great and all but speaking from a business perspective, I would love to see more support for performers in having a paywall up to see their favorite performers. The concept of free kills strip clubs, live entertainment, and paid content. The number of times I see a comment on a public thread stating “I refuse to pay for porn” is seriously so wrong.

What do you wish you’d known about the adult entertainment industry before you took the plunge?

As I said earlier, boundaries!!! I wish I hadn’t lowballed myself so much when I was starting out. I didn’t know how to price properly, I didn’t know what I was worth, I didn’t know how much my time was valued. And I wish I perhaps had started sooner (with the knowledge I have now!)

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer someone just getting started in the industry?

Do your research. Consult with people. Don’t get sucked into the glamorization or the lifestyle of it all. Will you be okay if someone found out that you were doing this? Is this a long-term thing or will there be any expiry date? What’s your exit plan? Ask yourself these questions.

Our society has a lot of opinions about sex work. Tell us something about your work that would surprise the layperson who doesn’t know better.

We’re all humans. We have relationships. We pay taxes. We have boring, mundane hobbies and like watering our jungle of plants. We – dare I say it – actually like the work that we do!

Have any surprising stories to share? Just one or two. Make us laugh or cringe, whatever you want. 🙂

Surprising to me but never to kink shame as I am constantly learning, but I’m always amazed at the custom requests I get. Recent ones include eproctophilia (fart fetish), ballbusting or cock and ball torture, and muscle fetish. I’ll leave it at that!

Thank you to Steph Sia for interviewing with us. Be sure to keep up with her blog, podcast, and Only Fans via the links below!




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