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Welcome! So, you’re thinking about becoming a webcam model, sugar baby, or other type of sex worker? You’re in the right place! Here at Cam Orbits we aim to equip you with the facts so that you can make the best decisions for yourself with regard to the sex work industry and your involvement in it. We publish articles that help you understand the industry and the different types of sex work. We review the top cam sites and platforms and go over the basics of becoming a sex worker yourself. Then we connect you with other sex workers, and build community around these resources. Let’s dive in.

Understand the Sex Work Industry

Before you consider becoming a webcam model, sugar baby, or other type of sex worker, you should understand the adult entertainment industry as a whole and know your options.

So You Want To Get Into Sex Work: Things To Consider
Becoming a Sugar Baby: 8 Things I Wish I’d Known
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Become a Sex Worker

Now that you’re familiar with the types of sex work, and the environment of the sex work industry, let’s get to the fun part. Becoming a webcam model! Becoming a sugar baby! To become a sex worker, you’ll need to choose your platform and tools for starting out.

How To Guides:
Camming: Webcam Modeling Startup Guide: Checklist
Content creation: How To Sell Adult Photos
Phone sex: How To Become a Phone Sex Operator
Sugaring: Becoming a Sugar Baby on SA: Getting Started Guide
Stripping: Baby Stripper’s Getting Started Guide

Assemble Your Tools:
Best Webcam For Streaming
Best Costume Outlets For Cam Models
10 Must-Haves For Every Stripper

Cam Site Reviews, Cam Show Ideas, and more platform specific information:
Platform Reviews & Guides

Best Cam Site For You (Research Guide)
Best Cam Sites For Making Money Online

Connect with Other Sex Workers

Sex work can be very isolating work and in the current climate it’s especially important to connect with other sex workers, build community, and support one another through networking. You can do this on social media, through your various platforms, and here.

At Cam Orbits we love interviews because they get to the heart of the matter and enable you to get to know your colleagues! Be sure to connect with them on social media.

Check out the latest:

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Community is central to our mission.

Bookmark and keep up with the Blog & Interviews, and connect with us on social media for more!