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7 Interesting Show Ideas for MyFreeCams Models

Since MyFreeCams is so competitive, you’ll want to stand out with your cam shows. It’s important to draw members in right away. A lot of members like to scroll through pages or cams and you want to make them stop and suddenly be curious. The following is a list of cam show ideas to try out on MFC!

myfreecams cam show ideas

Fans look forward to Costume/Cosplay shows.

Cosplay and costumes always get people to come into my room. I usually wear costumes the whole month of October and that is my busiest season. However, there are random days to also wear costumes. For instance, May the 4th is coming up, which is Star Wars day. A lot of fans are already eager for me to dress up as Princess Leia. In fact, every single day of the year, there is some sort of random celebration such as Superhero Day, Harry Potter Day, and so on. It is a great way to nerd out and hopefully get fans who want to see your chosen character doing naughty things.

Balloons raise questions and curiosity.

There have been several occasions when I have needed to blow up balloons for video purposes. Balloons are definitely eye catching. Usually, people ask why I am blowing up balloons. Once I tell them it’s for balloon fetish videos, I have to hook them in, try to get them interested in booking me for other things, unless they are into balloons that is. I will keep blowing up balloons and having conversations in between, since getting the job done will take quite some time. I think the longest time I have spent on cam was two hours before my mouth was tired. Sometimes people would tip just for me to pop a balloon, which I was more than happy to do.

Cooking/Baking Shows lead to… a shower show!

I have done these a few times and it is a great way to have company while spending hours in the kitchen. If I am cooking something, I usually like to prep ingredients beforehand such as anything that involves cutting. As for baking, I do not mind getting a little bit messy, especially if I get tipped to get topless. Making homemade truffles is fun because it is an excuse to get chocolate in a few places on my body for tips. It is a great way to lead to a shower show. While I have only done videos of the following, I think a live whip cream or milk bath show would also be fun to do.

A great game to play on cam: Jenga.

If you do not know what Jenga is, it’s a game where you have stacks of three blocks in each level to build a tower. Fans have to tip for me to pull a block. I also let them choose what block with the exception of the first two rows on top. In my case, I will have written prizes on the pulled block. If the tower falls, the game is over. Ultimately, I like to hit a particular goal I have in my head in the end, that way I can either decide to do a toy show for effort or decide to play again for more tokens. It is a very intense game not just for the viewer but for me as well. I want the tower to stay up as long as possible.

Signing Shows will keep your members entertained.

The non-nude version is to have a white t-shirt and white panties and have members tip to get their name on a t-shirt. The nude version is to get fans to write their name on my body. With the non-nude version, it is just a fun project and I thank fans for contributing. If it is a nude show, I will do a toy show and possibly a shower show depending on how much I get tipped.

Get to Know Me Games are good, interactive fun.

Another game I enjoy playing are get to know me games. This can be done with a variety of card games, but the one I use is called The F*cking Truth. Members tip to ask me a question written on the card, adult in nature, and I have to answer it truthfully or alternatively, say I don’t have an experience with that. With every truthful answer, the person who answers the question gets the card. In return, I ask them the next question on the card. This game can simply be a fun game and not involve any nudity. However, if I am in a randy mood – if I get the most cards, I choose a toy I want and if fans get the most cards, they get to choose the toy. I find that a lot of members love it when a model is interactive, even if it is in a playful non-sexual way.

Entertain your viewers with Video Game Shows.

MyFreeCams is a great place to show off talents. I am a gamer so I have played video games in the background while interacting with fans. For instance, a card game called Hearthstone is quick and easy. Usually fans will tip for me to win or if they just enjoy watching. If I get to a certain amount after every battle, I will do a toy show. If not, the battle continues. If I play a role playing adventure game, I usually end up playing until I reach goal while chatting. Other times, I can be online just to have fun and chill without any sexy time.

MyFreeCams requires lots of cam time to rank. Keep things interesting by trying out new types of shows!

With a site like MyFreeCams, it is good to have ways to be on cam even if you can’t always be nude, especially if you are going for rank. The time you spend online and the amount of tokens you collect matters greatly. Obviously, the more you are online and the more new people you reach hopefully leads to more tokens. Anything that gets you to interact with fans, especially a big room of people, helps a lot. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you out to achieve a higher rank in a month on MyFreeCams.

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