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6 Unique Show Ideas For BongaCams Models

Even though BongaCams does have a game app or two, I think many of the viewers prefer to see models interact with the games. There was a period of time where I did try their wheel app and fans just could not get into it. Ironically enough, whenever I did a spin the wheel on my phone, people seemed more into it, and I will go into details later. Here is a list of some cam ideas that work great on Bonga.

Get the action started with a spank-a-thon.

BongaCams is the site where I get the most spanks. Fans love it! It is the lowest option on my tip menu. I enjoy using a silicone paddle, although you could use your hand. When the spanks start rolling in, I set up a spank-a-thon. At a certain number of spanks, I get naked, maybe I add a hitachi wand to the mix, a butt plug, and ultimately reach the goal of cumming after my poor butt has been turned red. It seems that fans love the sound of spanks, my reaction, and the color changes. My arms are always tired in the end, but these are really fun shows to put on and a lot of people like to join in on the action.

Use an interactive prize app like Wheel Decide.

While there is a wheel app, people seem to enjoy a program called wheel decide, which you can access on a browser on your phone. I think fans like seeing the wheel ping on my phone and options popping up. In a way, it is more interactive. I keep these prizes fairly simple so I can have the wheel spin set low. My prizes are a few spanks, dirty talk, flashes, booty shake, nipple clamps, and tit flogging. This is a great way to keep myself and fans entertained as we work our way toward the goal.

Dancing is always a popular show option.

This option is great whether or not you feel like going full nude. Some people just like to see a woman dance and enjoy herself. However, going topless and full nude will bring in more tokens. Typically, the way I work it is in sets of three. The first song is only dancing and teasing. The second song is topless and the third song is full nude. If fans keep tipping for more songs, I stay naked and continue to dance. A lot of fans love making song requests, so once you get a good groove going, you may be dancing for a while. The longest dance show I have ever done on BongaCams was an hour. I definitely got a work out in. Although I do not have a stripper pole yet, I imagine those shows would do well on here too.

Fashion Shows are exciting and great for multi-tasking.

This idea I discovered unexpectedly. I was at a friend’s house and she was cleaning out her closet. She had tons of outfits for me to try on. I decided to try them all on when I got home in my bedroom. I changed outfits on cam, modeled them, especially the ones I really liked, and asked for opinions. Fans were excited to see new outfits and I put on a sort of fashion show. This idea would also be perfect if you needed to do photos. Taking selfies or having another cam set up to do poses would be a great way to multi-task.

Everyone loves a good Toy Control Show.

Having a multi speed Hitachi is ideal, although this can work with a classic Hitachi wand with low and high speed. For this show idea, I have fans tip speeds of high or low or a variety of speeds for one minute. Meanwhile, they are also tipping whether or not I get to cum at goal or not. Yes, I have definitely been denied before and sometimes I might set a second goal for an actual cum show if I have the time for it.

If you don’t have the Lush or just find it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, I highly recommend the we-vibe. There is one part for internal fun and one for external fun. It is easy to stay in place full nude or if you are wearing panties. Mine has a control that comes with it and the toy has multiple speeds, so that is also a lot of fun.

Shower/Bath Shows are relaxing and fun to watch.

Showers are something you will do anyways, so why not get paid for it. For these kind of shows, I usually have fans tip in my room for them before moving my laptop into the bathroom. I do bring a toy with me just in case I hit toy goal. I will say these shows work the best if you have a loofah and get super sudsy. I also do some very thorough hair washing, sometimes shaving, and make sure to run the showerhead all over my body. At times, if people are really tipping during soapy time or hair washing time, I turn off the water to conserve heat. Nothing worse than ending a show with cold water.

If you want a more relaxing time, sudsy bath time shows are also great too. Or sometimes I even have a goal in mind to drop the bath bomb. I usually spend 30 minutes doing a good soak or until the water gets cold. And it inevitably does lead to a shower show due to people usually tipping for it. I think either a shower or bath show is great because it is a different location, doing something normal with a sexy spin to it, and sometimes it is good to change the pace of being in my cam room.

In conclusion, try something different!

All these show ideas are fairly easy and do require a lot of interaction. While I do have toy shows as an ultimate goal, I have them set pretty high, so it is nice to do any of these shows to pass the time. Most times, if people really want private shows, they usually go private or try to get a group show started. I think any of these shows are fun and definitely allow your personality to shine through. While fans love a good masturbation toy show, sometimes it is nice to set yourself apart from other models by doing something a little bit different. You never know what your next hit show might be.

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