We interviewed Peterparkerrxox, 30 year old straight male webcam model performing live from Ontario, Canada. Peterparkerrxox has been camming for two years, and graciously agreed to interview with Cam Orbits about his experience. Let’s get started!

Let’s talk about the early days and learning how to run your business. What were some of your biggest challenges?

Growing up I have always been a huge nerd when it comes to gaming and computers specifically. 

I spent a lot of time at my desk playing games like World of Warcraft throughout my teen years. With that came a lot of downtime and late nights at a computer. A horny teenager with access to the internet started my interest in pornography. Being knowledgeable with technology and finding a confidence in myself later on in my life made a fantasy of mine a real possibility. At the start, I was working full time for Best Buy as a Geek and it was hard work balancing long shifts coming home to workout stay fit and also embark on this new venture.  It took quite a few months of grinding both jobs before the possibility of transitioning to camming as a main source of income became possible.

Can you identify any ideas you once held about the adult industry, and how your own work has changed or affected these?

I always thought that a male pornstar was like living the ultimate dream. 

Fucking hot women and getting paid? Where is the downside.  So, I tried to find the downside. Curiously enough I always sought out videos where I could see behind the scenes or interviews with pornstars to try and better grasp how this industry worked.  Sure you need a big cock but what else separates these seemingly average Joe’s from the rest of us. Perhaps it’s just who you knew. Modern days the porn world has become so much more dynamic. Social media and now more so OnlyFans has empowered any individual to go out and make their dollar.  Me personally sex is all about a connection, an energy. I’m not trying to sell you on my big bouncing balls I want people to understand that a sex worker is a human being with passions and interests. I want to sell ME. In my eyes this makes me different from most out there using their beauty advantages to profit. It’s all about the connection.

How has your work in the adult industry changed you as a person or affected your personality?

Confidence. Being a pornstar or performer has been a bizarre idea stuck in the back of my head since a young age. It took me a long time to be comfortable with myself to realize certain advantages I have. After working in the camming business for a while now it has further boosted my confidence. 

I take that confidence with me everywhere I go now and its effects are tangible.

How has your work changed or affected your personal relationships with family and friends?

Thankfully my parents now know what I do. I am very fortunate that my parents simply want whats best for me and while they may not fully grasp it they don’t hold it against me. It hasn’t burned any bridges. In terms of my friends, this shift in careers really wasn’t surprising to them at all. I am as a very sexual person, at one point or another I’ve hooked up with most of my long time female friends and so they know what I’m all about. 

None of them have judged me for it and most everybody is always curious.

What do you love and hate about your choice of occupation?

I thoroughly enjoy the freedom I have. Recently someone I follow on social media expressed how important it should be to try and find a mobile source of income. In the age of technology and the internet there are so many ways to get your piece of the pie. Finding one that allows me to be my own boss, freedom to travel or leave when I want (minus Covid), and truly unleash my creative spark on the world is utterly amazing. I don’t particularly have anything that I hate about my work. There are things I would like to see changed but maybe I can have more influence someday.

Our society has a lot opinions about sex work. Tell us something about you or your work that would surprise someone who doesn’t know better.

It’s simple yet largely overlooked. We are all humans, viewer and creator. 

I’m a straight male catering to an audience which would be somewhere between 95-98% men. 

I have learned so much about what a gay male views as attractive that I would never have considered to myself. I love learning everyday about the unique kinks and turnons of the horny individual and how we are all a little different. Big bouncing balls, armpits, smelling myself, ass play, role play. The list grows and I do my best to cater to the individuality of all of my fans.

What do you think is the most important piece of wisdom you could possibly impart on someone just getting started in the industry?

My wisdom to you is that you must put in the work to make the money. 

The market is saturated because anyone out there can use their cell phone to flash their pussy/cock and trick people into paying for it.  Find your niche, be true to yourself, work hard at it to rise above the bottom line.

Where can folks connect with Peterparkerrxox?

Live streams on Chaturbate: @peterparkerrxox
Twitter: @peterparkerrxox
Instagram: @peterparkerrxox


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