What do camgirls do during that time of the month?

Sorry gents, but my vagina’s gonna bleed for the next several days and I don’t want to interfere with this normal biological process. Wanna cuddle? 

My period hit hard this month. At the risk of TMI, I feel like what energy I had left just got flushed with that tampon. It’s not pretty. Now, most of the time it’s not so bad. I can deal. Then the only real question is how to handle it while working in online adult entertainment. Do I take the day off? Work on something else? Get online wearing humorous period-themed panties

Today I curled up with an extra fuzzy blanket, hot chocolate, and reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. I slept for several hours on the couch. Now it’s business time. 

Let’s look at the options. 

Get Online, Work Around Your Period

Seriously, periods are normal. Most of the people you encounter are familiar with the concept, and it’s honestly not that taboo to talk about these days. Even if it’s just to say, ‘hey, your favourite orifice is out of commission. Wanna try something different?’ Sex isn’t all about vaginas. And for that matter, camming isn’t all about sex. 

If you still feel like putting on a sexy show, schedule something around tits or butts or dancing if you’re into that sort of thing. Or do something else entirely. Think cooking, cleaning, art. Get creative. If you’re not feeling creative, it’s perfectly okay to have a chill hangout session to get to know your people. 

Work With Your Flow

If you’re determined not to let your period affect your plans, you do have options. 

Shove a tampon up there, string and all. Just make sure you don’t forget it’s in there, and obviously you’ll have to fish it out when you’re done. Does the trick in a pinch. 

Or, check out some alternative period products like the Diva Cup or Menstrual discs

There are even people out there who would pay extra to see you play while menstruating. I believe it’s known as a period fetish. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but something to consider if you’re on the kinky side of the adult entertainment spectrum or would like to cater to a specific fetish.

Work on Other Areas of Business

As a webcam model, phone sex operator, or content creator – you have other work you can focus on during your period if you choose to. Design a shiny new Chaturbate profile on Canva, or plan your next contest and make social graphics to advertise. Edit your videos and upload them to ManyVids. Work your social media accounts. Keep in touch with fans via phone or texting. 

Build your own website. 

Write a blog post. 😉 

We’ll be discussing these, among other work-related activities you might pursue as an online adult entertainer, in future posts. 

Give Yourself a Break

Don’t be the world’s meanest boss to yourself. It really is okay to take a breather. Let your people know on social media if you’re missing a scheduled broadcast, and take care of yourself. 

camming on your period

On that note, I’ma go back into hiding now.  

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