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Nikki Night: Cam Model Coach

We interviewed Nikki Night (she/her), 38 year old cam model coach based in Canada.

It all started in 2010 after my divorce when I started looking for work outside of retail…

when an old friend from makeup college contacted me and asked if I’d ever consider “Internet modelling”. I had absolutely no idea WTF she was talking about but over the next 30min she told me how she started internet modelling to repay a huge debt she dug herself into because of addiction. She was actually clean by this time and was enjoying this lovely lifestyle making tons of $$$. So, I made an account…..and did nothing. It wasn’t until my back was right up against the wall that I decided to take camming seriously and take a shot at making money with it. I think about that friend often and say a quiet thank you to her.

nikki night cam model coach

My primary title is Coach & Mentor to all models & creators.

Talk to me about the early days and learning how to run your business. What was your biggest challenge getting started in this industry?

Which time? Lol. As a model my challenges were the same as any, figuring out that line between pleasing everybody and being 100% unique doing only things that please me, figuring out how to get more traffic, when to be online, how much to give away as a “tease” etc…

As a coach at CAM4 it was re-learning everything I thought I knew about camming except now I had the missing pieces of how the cam site platform fits in, how they work etc…and how everything looks to our viewers. Models (myself included) have a tunnel view of the situation online because most of the internet is invisible to us, it’s hard to see how things work, how they interact or are connected which leads to speculation and frustration. I would never have been successful as a coach if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to work at CAM4 head office. I was able to see the ‘whole egg’ as the CAM4 CEO would say.

At VXPAGES it was ALL technical. I had developed tech skills along the way already, but building a website that has a good user experience, SEO optimized that’s fun to navigate is another. So, I dove in headfirst and learned all that shit 🙂

In my personal coaching I would say the BIGGEST hurdle I had to overcome was my pricing. At CAM4 (and a long time after) I was uncomfortable taking money from models at all (even tips). I had a salary. Models didn’t, so I felt uncomfortable asking for money for my coaching. Finally I was able to be ok with a small subscription price but that was directly against my coaching advice. Small price means it probably sucks (in the eyes of a viewer) so I bit the bullet and took my own advice. I’m finally over this because I see how much my coaching can help/increase a models earnings.

What would you say has been the secret to your success?

My secret to gaining success as a model coach is not being in competition with models. They know they can trust me because I am not there to steal their viewers. The second, is an undying love of coaching and teaching. I truly live to serve <3

nikki night cam model coach

How has working in porn changed you as a person or affected the way you see yourself?

Camming gave me a self love I’ll never let go of and this industry has taught me things I never in my life thought I would know. I have a well developed understanding of what it is to run and manage a business that I never would have gained otherwise.

How has your work affected your daily life and relationships with family and friends?

My family and friends are not surprised whatsoever that I ended up a Hoefessional…dating is another thing though. I can’t tell you how often I have to remind men that “NO, we DON’T all fuck at meetings”, “I did NOT fuck my boss today” and “NO, I don’t teach people how to masturbate with positions and things.” So…get back to me on that one lol.

How has your work affected your view of society or perspective of porn in the context of the world today?

I honestly think this world would be in grave danger if the powers that be get their way and remove all forms Sex Work (FSSW’ers and Online SWers). I think (just as we are viewed as victims in their eyes) they are viewed as naïve in mine and have no idea what they are asking for or talking about.

What do you think is the most important issue facing the industry today? What can we do?

Model hysteria over platform closure. So, they upload their content everywhere which prevents them from focusing on building strong foundations on one or two sites they love. Models are stretched thin and they burn out. If businesses really wanted to support our industry they would start creating diverse products for models to use instead of another content monetization platform. We need virtual assistants! CRM (customer relationship management) platforms! Affiliate workshops for models! Professional tools please! Sex work is work!

What are your thoughts about the future and continuing evolution of the adult entertainment industry?

Personally? I think the next great leaps in our industry will all have to do with verifying the authenticity of a viewers experience. Kiiroo started this by being the first to add the flashing light on their toys so they light up when a viewer sends a tip, hence verifying their experience is real.

What do you wish you’d known about the adult entertainment industry before you took the plunge?

I wish I knew to not take the insults hurled at you in chat personally. They have nothing to do with you in reality because these people just see you as an image on a screen, not a person sometimes. It’s all good though, I got some FIRE clapbacks in my day lol

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer someone just getting started in the industry?

The most important person in this industry is YOU.

That means you call the shots, you set the price, you determine the show, and you are the only person you have to please. Banning someone will NOT get you in trouble and NO ONE is going to ban you for saying no to a viewer.

Our society has a lot of opinions about sex work. Tell us something about your work that would surprise the lay person who doesn’t know better.

People are always shocked to hear what smart, business savvy people models are and they always gasp when I show examples of how sweet and supportive models can be to each other.

Have any stories to share?

One of my favorite cam shows ever was on my coach account at CAM4 where Abbey (the cam4 community manager) and I were arrested for an AIDS charity and thrown into a fake jail where we were supposed to call people for “bail money” in order to be released. Well…I didn’t tell anyone in the office we were doing this and I opted for a “promotional arrest” by real cops at my desk. So, in the middle of the day 3 cops showed up at office reception looking for me (by name p.s.) and “arrested” me and took me off to fake jail located in another part of the building. Abbey and I had so much fun we spent the entire time in jail camming on cam4 giving an instructional on how to properly make a shiv. FYI the easiest is toothbrush ground to a point by rubbing on concrete LOL. We later lost that shiv at a customer appreciation night at the bar across the street from the office. We raised 400$ for the charity.

What are you working on next?

I’m working on using quiz software to better coach, gain understanding of, and anticipate the needs of my models. (It’s in the works and I have no launch date as of yet.) I’m also working on a product to help models fill the gap in their resumes if they decide to move on from the industry, never want models to feel trapped here. STAY TUNED!

nikki night cam model coach

How to connect with Nikki Night:

Models can connect and talk to me by joining my Telegram (free or paid), sign-up to get free on-site messages, book a 1-on-1 session, and find lots of info to hopefully answer any of their questions.
Twitter @nikki_night
Instagram Camcoachnikki


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