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MyFreeCams Review: Is It Right For You?

MyFreeCams is one of the most popular webcam modeling sites on the internet. It has high traffic, dozens of features, and quality streaming. But with other options available, is it right for you?

MyFreeCams App Support and Features

MyFreeCams was one of the easiest sites for me to figure out. The site works great on my laptop, desktop, and notebook, and I have never had any issues broadcasting through my browser – unless they were doing an update, which thankfully the site makes sure to post about on social media. I have not tried their external program just because I enjoy the browser version a lot.

The tip menu codes are easy to memorize, the whiteboard is great for any special announcements or bigger tip menus, and you are able to determine if you want to allow guests and basics to chat in your room. Personally, I also only allow people on my friend’s list to private message me. Setting up a basic profile was easy, the mailing system is a useful way to stay in touch with fans and get offline tips, and I enjoy the twitter tab to post when I am online.

How Do I Make Money on MyFreeCams? Rankings.

MyFreeCams is definitely one of the most competitive sites out there. Everyone competes to get into the top one hundred in order to get extra cash bonuses. In general, even making it to top thousand is a huge accomplishment. It takes long hours, coming up with fun cam shows, and pretty much being obsessed with rank. My highest rank ever has been four thousand and it was a really good month for me on the site. However, I do not have a main cam site, and I switch around cam sites a lot throughout the day.

If you plan on making MFC your only cam site and go for rank, there are a few tips I can offer.

For every hour you broadcast, you want to be getting tokens.

I have seen some algorithms to where models think if you make a certain amount of tokens every hour, your rank should stay the same or be even better. I have to admit, every time I have gotten tipped, my rank goes up. If I don’t make anything in the hour, my rank does go down. I don’t know an exact number.

If you can get tipped big at the beginning of the month and then keep it consistent, go for it.

I remember the first of the month, the day barely started, I got tipped big and my rank was high. I was getting a lot of traffic, so I decided to keep up the momentum and encourage tipping. For the whole month, I was getting new members, got tipped tokens every time I got online, and even got a few private shows.

Also, definitely take advantage of new model status.

According to the site, every new model starts at 1000. The score changes quickly based on how much tokens you get, so it is clearly competitive right from day one. So either you get lucky and have people find you right away and they start tipping, or you get some fans to follow you to MFC when you start to cam on there. Another option might be to cam with an already established model on the site and then branch out to a solo cam.

One big feature that helped new fans find me was the tag feature.

Under the model tag feature, you can have up to 32 tags and I recommend using every single slot. There have been numerous fans that found me just from searching tags. Make sure to add tags that set you apart from other models. Role playing is one of my tags and I get a lot of requests for it simply because people found me that way.

myfreecams review tags

If you get a burst of people entering your room, you could end up on the trending page. Any time I see myself on there, I keep the momentum of my room up, have high goals, and enjoy the traffic and tokens while I can.

What about when you are not broadcasting?

Offline token tips do matter and do make your rank go up. Usually, I have a goal set such as will log on topless if I reach goal or tip for a video bundle. I feel with this site, I constantly needed to think of ways to keep my fans entertained on and off cam and social media definitely helps to stay connected with people. Also, keep in touch with fans using the friend’s list and emailing people. Also, it seems a lot of members want Skype shows in exchange for tokens. Personally, I like going through MFC, but for the right price, I have done Skype shows. Overall, in order to keep a high rank, thus get more traffic, it is a lot of work.

MyFreeCams Encourages Model Meetups

I have never contacted support in terms of using the site because I have never had any issues. However, I will say MyFreeCams is the only site that encourages model meetings outside of conventions. I was delighted to see MFC sent me an email about the SuicideGirls burlesque show. I was able to add a plus one to the guest list. Support was helpful, able to get me tickets, some swag, and I met quite a few lovely models.

MyFreeCams is what you make of it and a little luck doesn’t hurt.

With no issues using the site or with support, I actually don’t mind the competitiveness of it. Honestly, if I see I have a good rank on here, I will actually put in more hours. I am not sure if I could ever go for the top ranks since I work so many sites, but it is fun to think about. I like seeing fans pop up in my friend’s tab and I can usually get some tokens strictly from them without necessarily having to worry about new traffic, although it is always good to get some. Overall, I would recommend MFC to any model who wants to branch out. It does not hurt to get potential new clients and the model gatherings are so much fun. As long as you are an active model, you can attend them.

Become a MyFreeCams Model!

Want something along these lines but a little less competitive? You may want to check out Chaturbate.

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