53 year old Mistress Vanessa Gray works as a phone sex operator and cam performer, and has been in the industry off and on for over twenty years.

Mistress Vanessa “started out as a phone sex operator just before the Internet hit.”

“One of my girlfriends owned the phone sex company and one night she had a ton of callers and nobody to take the calls. At the time I had my own cleaning business and she would often help me if I had a ton of jobs at once.  I always told her if she needed help to let me know. Well that night came and although I was scared to death I started taking calls. And took calls most nights for nearly 2 years after that. The extra income helped me build my cleaning business and because most nights I was home doing paperwork it worked out great!”

Sex workers hear from all walks of life.

In response to the various preconceived ideas surrounding sex work, Mistress Vanessa says that our “readers would be amazed, perhaps shocked at who comes to see us. All walks of life. All financial statuses. Married, single. All genders. I’ve seen the manliest of men want to be submissive sexually, emotionally, and financially, small penis men who love being humiliated, men fantasizing about being with another man, young men wanting to learn from an older woman, and countless men with fantasies about mommy. Just to name a few.”

Early on in her work as a phone sex operator, Mistress Vanessa recounts learning about a new fetish. Meet “Diaper Boy”.

“I had no idea what the fetish was at all. I’m still not sure I understand it completely, but he was patient with me and could not get enough of my loving nature. He wanted humiliation at first but I had no idea what THAT was, so he got the loving mommy. Today he would get what he was looking for, the dommy mommy and then some lol.

I’m definitely not as naive as I once was.”

As a dominant, Mistress Vanessa calls the shots.

“If I feel like teasing my subs by flashing my boob or having the camera pointed at my pantyhosed pussy I will. This is, of course, if they are deserving of it.

But I don’t feel that my body has anything to do with what they want from me. It can be a very sexy, sensual and mental experience once the man lets go. They love to hear my voice and my words. They could care less about me fucking or sucking a dildo. Or looking at my naked body. They want to be mentally controlled.”

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When prompted about personal relationships, Mistress Vanessa summarizes her experience. I think we sex workers can all relate to this one.

“Male friends usually want to come over while I’m working. Female friends either laugh and support me or I don’t hear from them.”

And the positive impact sex work has had on her “quality of life.

The opportunity to work the hours I want, make better than full time wages working less than 20 hours a week.

And saving money I make for retirement.”

To those just getting started in the industry, Mistress Vanessa simply says: “Do NOT do anything you are not comfortable with.”

And we think that’s a pretty important piece of wisdom. After all, you call the shots.

Wanna get in touch with Mistress Vanessa?

Catch her live stream at https://MistressVanessaGray.cammodels.com


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