We interviewed Mimiroses, 30 year old webcam model based in the United States. Mimiroses has been working in the online adult industry for the past two years and has graciously agreed to answer some questions about her experience.

mimiroses webcam models interviews

Question: “Let’s talk about the early days and learning how to run your business. What were some of your biggest challenges?”


“One of my biggest challenges was learning how to talk to the clients that came into my room

and learning how to read if they were actually interested in my services or if they were just scammers.”

Question: “Can you identify any ideas you once held about the adult industry, and how your own work has changed or affected these?”

Mimiroses: “The way I was raised was you don’t watch porn you don’t associate with anything sexual, that’s for the bedroom between married couples. It was very forbidden. Watching porn or anything sexual used to make me so uncomfortable.

But then one of my friends talked me into giving webcam modeling a try and I fell in love with it.

I love being able to be in control myself and explore my sexual nature that I didn’t know I had.”

Question: “How has your work in the adult industry changed you as a person or affected your personality?”

Mimiroses: “I used to be really uptight and held back when it came to anything sexual whether it was for myself or partners. I was a plain Jane so to speak, nothing but missionary.

After becoming a cam model I became more open to my sexuality, trying new things for myself, my partners, and my clients.

I’m more laid back now, I’d like to think more open. It has made me feel more free and happy then I have ever been.”

Question: “How has your work changed or affected your personal relationships with family and friends?”

Mimiroses: “My family has to be very prudish. Once they found out that I was camming they were very upset. My boyfriend hated it. My kids had no idea.

After a few months of me working and making good money they stopped being rude and started accepting it.

Now camming is part of the norm for me and my family. My kids fully support me. My boyfriend fully supports me – he still don’t like it but he’s more comfortable with it now.”

Question: “What is the most positive thing that has come into your life since beginning your journey in the adult industry, that you attribute to the work you do?”

Mimiroses: “Used to have really low self-esteem from abusive relationship from my past. Never thought I was beautiful, used to put myself down all the time, and honestly hated everything about myself.

So the most positive things since I have started working is the self esteem I’ve gained, the control I’ve gained.

I used to be really depressed and I’m no longer depressed, and honestly I know that’s because I started camming.”

Question: “Our society has a lot of preconceived ideas about sex work. Tell us something about you or your work that would surprise someone who doesn’t know better.”

Mimiroses: “You learn about yourself and who you are. Something about me that would surprise a lot of people is that I know what I do as a form of Art. Sexual acts are not dirty, they’re actually really beautiful.

Someone who doesn’t work for the sex industry can’t realize how empowering and freeing it can be in the moment, running your show and showing off your talents.”

Question: “Every sex worker has stories. Share one!”

Mimiroses: “I had one regular who was one of my favourites. I didn’t know nothing about camming. He would get on on every single time I worked and he would teach me how to talk, how to grab customers attention. He helped me as much as he could without me ever asking once and he complimented me all the time. He really made me feel important and that I could actually do this.”

Question: “What do you think is the most important piece of wisdom you could possibly impart on someone just getting started in the industry?”

mimiroses webcam models interviews

Mimiroses: “Don’t let clients bully you into doing something you don’t want to do. If you’re not comfortable, don’t do it. You are an amazing piece of art. Don’t let trolls get you down.

For one person that doesn’t like you there’s 10 out there that think you’re amazing and would do anything just to be around you.”

Final Question: Where can people connect with Mimiroses?

Thanks, Mimiroses!

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