Manyvids is a very popular clip site and marketplace for adult content creators. I joined Manyvids when I first started out and since then there have been so many changes. I enjoy this site a lot, though I still do not implement all its many features.

It is a very competitive site, and my rank constantly changes. But as long as I am making sales on the regular, I try not to pay too much attention to rank. I think to get repeat business it’s important to have a variety of content in my store and offer as many services as I can manage.

Success on Manyvids involves learning and using the systems and tools available to you.

When first starting out here, I would upload videos daily and have a variety of content. Your rank can go up or down based on how active your store is, among other things. There are some months where I am able to upload videos daily and, from that alone, I see my rank improve. Rank is also affected by your videos getting “hearts”. With this site, I have a few models I like to give hearts to and vice versa. Of course, sales play a huge part in rank too. Since a variety of content is being uploaded, I am able to figure out and see what fans like and what they don’t like.

Manyvids is a store, so you’ll need to treat it like one.

If a video has not sold for me in three months, I put it on a discount. If it doesn’t sell by six months, I get rid of it. Personally, I don’t like having videos that do not sell cluttering up my store. While members can filter a certain category, at some point there will be a lot of videos to scroll through and I would rather have videos that sell on my storefront.

I also like offering monthly deals for fans. For instance, if they leave a five star review, which also boosts rank, I will give them one video for free. I do enjoy how easy it is to gift free videos on Manyvids.

Other times, I offer video bundles for a tip. With tips, models get more of a percentage than if a member just brought the videos, so this can be a great deal for both the model and customer.

Personalized content is lucrative and easy to price.

I get quite a few custom requests through my Manyvids store. I love having a base price, a list of extras to charge, a fee based on how fast a member wants the video done, a custom name video fee, and an exclusive your-eyes-only fee. I do like how members have great ideas, and custom videos typically sell with other members even if they do have a custom name.

The last feature regarding videos is the crush club. I do not really have the time to keep up with mine, but it seems most models produce exclusive content strictly for crush members. I think if you like the set up and have the time for it, definitely go for it.

You can, and should, sell more than just videos through MV.

I sell a variety of goodies that get delivered to a fan’s house. Examples are panties, baked goodies, socks, shoes, and swimsuits. I also enjoy being able to sell photo sets, custom cock ratings, custom small penis humiliation, ways to treat me, custom erotica, and video bundles. Truthfully, there are so many categories and I would love to add more items to my store eventually.

I think it pays to also have a variety in the items section as well. Sometimes I will get a member who watches a video and then want a pair of panties, socks, or some sort of custom extra.

In the past, custom erotica has been fairly popular.

I would recommend adding everything you can think of as a store item. One month I sold raffle tickets to draw prizes for everyone on Halloween. I was surprised with how many sold!

Engaging your customers with the Fund Me feature can help keep them invested.

I like the Fund Me option. I think it’s fun to have a goal for fans to look forward to. I like giving fans prizes before I reach my goal. Since it is a high goal, I rather give instant gratification versus keeping track of who funded me and make sure they receive their prizes afterwards. Perhaps it might be better to reward fans after goal is reached if you know you can reach it quickly. With any extra tips, I encourage fans to donate to my fund just so I make progress on the goal.

Manyvids contests are very competitive but make for great exposure.

Manyvids definitely has the most competitive contests. I do enjoy how they choose a best picture with every contest, so you never know if you can win. This is a great way to get extra exposure, too, and I have gotten new fans strictly from contests. If it is a big contest, I will also spend extra time camming on the site to promote my live cam goal, my videos, and my store items.

Also, they recently added a voter list where you can see every single person who has voted for you in a contest. In the future, I do plan on doing free sexy pictures for free votes in contests that I would really want to win. Contests are not only a great way to connect with members, but also models. I can definitely say I have model friends who vote for me and re-post on my Manyvids and social media, and vice versa. I think interacting with other models show fans a friendly side that uplifts and supports other models.

There are a variety of ways to make money on this site besides video sales. Even free videos, if you put them on Manyvids Tube, can earn you a little bit of money per click. Just this past month, the site has started doing themed safe-for-work videos.

Follow these tips to run your successful Manyvids store.

To succeed on Manyvids, you should try to take part in the extras, keep videos and items up to date, work on a goal, and maybe offer a deal every once in a while for tips. The competition is fierce, both with rank and contests; it can be frustrating to see your rank drop, or to get close to winning a contest but to just fall short, but the opportunity for growth and exposure amid the competition makes it more than worth it.

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