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In the first episode of our brand new Industry Insider series of interviews, our correspondent Jonathan Boudreau (on Twitter @gr8canadianguy) follows up on a recent written interview with Bay Area sex educator, artist, and advocate LT Hawk. LT Hawk goes in depth about their art, advocacy, experiences in the adult industry, negotiating scenes, combating inequality, worker’s rights, solidarity, and using the body as a form of resistance. Check out the full interview (with captions!) right here. Be sure to like the video, leave a comment, and subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss any future episodes!

LT Hawk (they/them) is a 42 yr old sex educator, artist and advocate that has been in the adult entertainment industry since 2002. Connect with LT Hawk on Instagram: @LORDOFTHUNDERLT and on Twitter: @THUNDERLORDLT.

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