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Kitty Pryde: Canadian MFC Webcam Model

We interviewed Kitty Pryde, 31 year old Myfreecams webcam model and yoga instructor based in Canada. She has been working in the online adult industry for just over one year, and has graciously agreed to answer some questions about her experience.

Question: “Let’s talk about the early days and learning how to run your business. What were some of your biggest challenges?”

Kitty: “Not knowing where to start! I was always intrigued by camming, but once I started to look into it and research it, I realized there was a whole world I didn’t know about!!

I’ve been doing this a year and I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time!”

Question: “How has your work in the adult industry changed you as a person or affected your personality?”


“I am a much more confident person!

And I’d say I’m much more in tune with my sexuality and where I’m willing to take things!”

Question: “How has your work changed or affected your personal relationships with family and friends?”

Kitty: “Most of my friends know I cam, as they’re sex positive and are super supportive, so on that end…

I’d say it has brought us closer together!”

Question: “What do you love and hate about your choice of occupation?”

Kitty: “I love the people I have met through camming. I’ve made so many friends whether it’s my friends who come chill each day in my room with me, or the other webcammers I’ve met through Twitter or forum sites! 

I also love that I’m in charge of what I do, I make all the decisions. It’s also tough to stay consistent when you don’t “have” to do it, so while being in charge is so freeing, it’s a constant battle of staying motivated too. 

I love celebrating my sexuality everyday, I find it unbelievably empowering. The creative aspect of thinking up new content ideas, or planning out new ideas for cams is so much fun!

Can be tough on slow days to not take it personally, but I just jump off cam and record some content and try again the next day!”

Question: “Our society has a lot opinions about sex work. Tell us something about you or your work that would surprise someone who doesn’t know better.”


“I choose to do this and absolutely love doing it!

I do have a Bachelor’s degree, but I was so fed up with office politics, I left! Just because I am a sex worker doesn’t mean I am uneducated or “have” to do this… I love what I do!”

Question: “What do you think is the most important piece of wisdom you could possibly impart on someone just getting started in the industry?”


“Be yourself!

Definitely watch some cams before you start to get an idea of what happens, but don’t try to be someone else! It’ll be much more genuine!”

Final Question: Where can folks connect with Kitty Pryde?

Thanks, Kitty! 💫

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  1. Starting itself can be such a huge hurdle to overcome…. not knowing how to do it and what to expect, Its definitely scary. Kitty Prye is definitely killing it Even though she has just started! I also loved how camming has changed her life for the better

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