We talked with Jacob Stax out of Rock Hill, South Carolina about his experiences in mainstream adult film during the past two years. The 31-year-old male model explains his biggest challenge in evolving as a performer has been the transition away from “Gay 4 Pay” scenes.

“I started on the gay 4 pay side of Adult Filming. As a crossover it has been hard.”

Jacob says his work in the adult industry has “actually made him stronger as a person.”

“We live in a world now where everyone is quick to judge others and not themselves. I say stay true to who you are and for me that’s about supporting myself and my kids.”

When prompted about his personal relationships, Jacob’s response is:

“My family supports me 110%”

Jacob Stax loves and supports them too. I know. He told me.

jacob stax rock hill adult film talent

On the subject of stigma, Jacob explains: “I tell people this. You work. You love your job. And what if you get offended by what others say about your work or workplace. Then support others with theirs too.”

In fact, Jacob says the most positive thing to come into his life since beginning his journey in the adult industry has been “support; your group of people that surround you on a day to day basis.”

Long term, Jacob Stax says he wants to own his own production company.

Jacob offers some advice for those new to the adult industry, saying:

“It’s ok to say NO. It’s ok to be yourself.  Promote yourself. And treat others with respect- it goes a long way in this industry.”

jacob stax rock hill adult film talent

Wanna connect with Jacob Stax?

You can find him on Twitter @STAXJACOB


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