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Introducing Shadow Banned: A Sex Work & Social Media Blog is proud to present a new Industry Insider feature: Shadow Banned: a blog about sex work & social media.

Shadow Banned in a nutshell: From algorithms gone away to undercover hashtags, Mercy shares quips & tips from her experience trying to utilize the same media tools as everyone else to grow a sex work related business online.

Never, has there been more visible press coverage regarding the unfair treatment that legal consensual sex workers receive in the public eye.

This past year alone, everyone has witnessed Porn Hub cancelling thousands of content creator accounts to, most recently, the Onlyfans debacle, threatening the job security of thousands of webcam performers- who built their businesses up during the pandemic- as well as the success of Onlyfans, a platform that assuredly would not have thrived without them. A lot of people now see ,and agree with us, that sex workers are treated like shit.

Though the ill treatment sex workers receive is more visible than ever, there also has never been more of an attack on the adult entertainment industry- in modern times.

How the world beyond the screen can appear to a cam model.

Even though sex is (still) the most lucrative industry, when a scapegoat for bad policy is needed, the well being of sex workers is always considered last, if at all. 

Stemming from the bi-partisan signing of  SESTA/FOSTA in 2018, a bill designed to better regulate and prosecute sex trafficking- you know, the illegal, horrific type of “sex work” no legal & consenting adult entertainer would ever want to be affiliated with- has been an onslaught of livelihood attacks against those of us in the adult industry who commit no such crimes- from webcam models to sex toy distributors (…and *ahem* sex worker advocacy & educational websites). 

…and since then, has this law done anything other than make life harder for law abiding  people trying to make a living in the adult industry, like, has it actually prevented sex trafficking and other illegal sex crimes? So far, all signs point to NO, and even insinuate it has made things harder for victims of trafficking.

Yet, onward the unnecessary oppression of sex workers online continues… as the real predators go further underground or unseen out in the open, with us as their unconsenting shields. 

How I decided on a name for this blog.

As you already know, or can imagine, this is a multi-layered issue, which is why has decided to dedicate a consistent segment to sex work and social media alone.

Every one in the Adult-Industry online has a story to tell about how their job was made harder (or even made… non-existent) due to the stigmatization of sex work. I have certainly gathered my share over time, from years spent promoting myself as a webcam Dominatrix pre SESTA/FOSTA era, and after, as a sex worker advocate & media manager for Camorbits.

I’ve watched the industry evolve over the years and have learned many things, the most important take away being: Sex workers are dynamic, resilient, adaptable creatures- and way more creative than those who demonize us.

We have always found ways to flourish in this oppressive atmosphere, or at least get by, to continue to enjoy the freedom this line of work grants us.

Yes, the tendrils are clenched tighter than ever, but as mentioned- never have we been more unapologetically visible, had greater support, and the tools at our disposal to DO something about it!

While this first post serves as more an introduction and portent of things to come for Shadow Banned, one major thing we can start to tackle now is the fact that: adult industry content creators, who follow the terms of service and policies of platforms they are on- are often denied reach. We will be unpacking the many reasons why in posts to come.

CamOrbits attempting to get in on the #imanaccountant TikTok trend.

One thing we can start doing is showing fellow SW’ers support across the medias we (legally) inhabit together. With our exclusion from the algorithm, we need all the love online we can get!

Feel free to leave your social media links in the comments and kindly add, friend or follow others who do, as well. I will leave ours there too!

Also, if anyone has a story to share, interest in writing for #shadowbanned, or another SW relevant piece for Camorbits, get in touch here!

Thanks for reading, keep making waves!

About the writer: Mercy Maelica is a professional wave maker and the media manager for She has been in the adult entertainment industry, one way or another, for 20+ years, and has a BA in new media focused communications. 

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