My name is Rob, I am 35 and I live in TX.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Rob: Since 2014, off and on between 2013-2014. It was my main source of income when I was a student

Talk to me about the early days and learning to run your cam room. What were some of your biggest challenges?

Rob: The biggest challenge for a male model is traffic! I didn’t have that many viewers at the beginning and as well, at the beginning, I was not sure if I need to show “all” at once (sitting all naked) or I need to get naked for tips. So I was all naked, and hence no tip whatsoever 🙂 the other challenge was the long working hours. I didn’t take breaks enough so I pressured my body a lot. Overtime I learned how to deal with them

Can you identify any ideas you once held about the world, and how your work in the camming industry has changed or affected it?

Well I used to see sex very much vanilla back in the days. However, after camming for some time I realized how diverse people are when it comes to sexual desires. There are many many examples for every point on the sexual desire spectrum. The people with odd sexual fantasies are rather more, or are braver to express themselves in a chat room.

How has your work on cam changed you as a person or affected your personality?

I become lot better in negotiating and demanding. I used to think that whatever it is said or stated is what I get, I never believed people’s minds can be changed or rules bent. I also see that many people have several layers that they try to hide in their daily lives but the inner layers are revealed once they feel they are “safe” on the cyber space.

How has your work on cam changed or affected your personal relationships with family and friends?

It’s not much affected. I have become better in communication and can tolerate people lot better now.

What is the most positive thing that has come into your life since beginning your journey as a webcam model, that you attribute to the work you do?

I should say it is being less shy and more straight to what I want. I clearly state what I want and don’t take b.s. from others

What are you working on currently in your life and how does camming help?

I just graduated and look for a job. Camming has been a great help throughout my years as student. I would probably continue camming, even part time

What do you think is the most important piece of wisdom you could possibly impart on someone just getting started in the industry?

Do not be discouraged or manipulated by the large number of stupid and mean people out there. You know why you are doing this job and under what circumstances. So be proud of yourself and your body and do not diminish your abilities to just your physique. You are lot more than that. You are smart and beautiful and can change all these whenever you are ready.

Always be polite and kind. That is the factor that helps you a lot throughout this journey.

Thanks Rob! Check out Rob’s cam and [email protected]

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