Virtual sex workers must be vigilant. It’s easy to assume that since we’re working from the privacy of our own home, there’s no real danger.

I can hear it now: Not touching, can’t get mad. Okay, let’s talk about internet safety for online adult entertainers.

Please note that for the purpose of this post, we’re not discussing vetting and meeting with clients. If that’s something that interests you, know that the risks are much greater than for webcam models or phone sex operators and I can’t help because I have no experience in that area. 

Hopefully someone will come along who can educate us on IRL sex work safety at some point! (If that’s you, contact me!)

Internet Safety Tip #1:
Keep Sacred Information Locked Away

For now, let’s focus on avoiding any real life encounters with customers.

Anything someone might be able to use to track you down in real life should be considered sacred.

Let’s keep this shit locked up: 

  • Your real name. 
  • Your address and phone number. 
  • Your work address and phone number. 
  • Your daily routines. 
  • Your mother’s maiden name. 
  • And the name of the street you grew up on.  Seriously, stop falling for that crap. 

Take inventory of anything you should never reveal, and make sure you have a suitable alternative answer for anyone that asks.

The real answers stay locked away forever in a holy text that no one can understand. I know it’s lonely. But safety first, my friend.

Internet Safety Tip #2:
See Yourself Through Their Eyes

Whether you’re camming, talking on the phone, or even just creating content – you should be hyper aware of what the person on the other end might see or hear in the background. 

First of all, it’s okay to have a less-than-perfect work area, but we’ll talk about that later.

For now, let’s clean this shit up: 

  • Paper.
    Just lump it all together and stash anything with writing on it. Think flyers, mail, receipts, that cool new song you wrote and couldn’t help but add “by [insert real name here].” 
  • Product labels.
    Some products are region-specific. Know what you have and what it might tell people about where you are. 
  • Jerseys.
  • Your college hoodie.
  • A pen from your local garage.

    You get the idea. 
internet safety tips for online adult entertainers

And keep in mind that someone on the other end could screenshot and take a closer look at any time.

Don’t freak out, just be aware! Knowledge is power.

If you have the Amazon Echo or similar smart device in your home, you should probably stay away from setting reminders that include your name, your partner’s name, your kid’s name, or any location specific tidbits like schools or workplaces. And if you’re in a smaller city or just don’t want people to know where you’re at, don’t sit there and ask for the local weather while you’re live. You know what she’s gonna say derpface.


Internet Safety Tip #3:
Shut Down Those Nosy Questions

Some people will push you for information that you’ve chosen not to disclose. It’s rude and you should feel absolutely comfortable calling them out on it. If you’re uncomfortable with someone, and feel you can’t really communicate at the moment, it’s also okay to kick them out or silence them. I like to give a person a chance to correct their behaviour, but by no means is it necessary to be forgiving. 

If it’s something simple like a first name they’re asking for, remember your alternative answers. Give them your fake real name. Treat it like you would your real first name if it wasn’t locked away. Send it privately, ask them not to disclose it, you get the idea. Make them think their question has been answered so they can shut up about it. 🙂

Internet Safety Tip #4:
Stick to the Sites Webcam Models Trust

A reputable cam site will require your government-issued ID and age veritification. They should offer payment options that have nothing to do with PayPal. PayPal is not adult-friendly and if you use it in this industry you risk losing all your accounts including any cash you haven’t withdrawn. 

A reputable cam site will also use secure encryption to protect your personal information from hackers. They also handle the traffic so everyone connects directly to the site, not to each other. No need for a proxy if you go through a third-party. 

If in doubt, Chaturbate is an excellent option that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It’s where I stream. There are several reputable sites that you can choose from, and we’ll go over more of the options later on. But there are also several shady sites that you’ll want to stay away from. 

Use your best judgement, and if something seems too good to be true it probably is.

For specific site inquiries, please feel free to send me any website you’d like a second opinion on. I’d be happy to look into it for you. 

Internet Safety Tip #5:
Use Amazon Wish Lists Properly to Protect Your Identity

If you’re comfortable disclosing the city you live in, then you might consider setting up an Amazon wish list at some point to allow your guests to send you stuff. Who doesn’t like presents?

Just be careful! You don’t want any surprises you didn’t put on that wish list.

First off, don’t put your real name anywhere on the list – the name will show up with the city, so you gotta use your fake one.

And here’s how we avoid accidental sharing of her holiness the real address: 

internet safety tips for online adult entertainers
Do NOT check that box. And don’t put anything on your wish list that wouldn’t be shipped by Amazon themselves. Got it? You’re golden.

If you’re not comfortable with the whole city disclosure part of this idea, there is another site you can check out for a more discrete wish list option. It isn’t as widely used so might result in fewer surprises, but definitely worth a look:

It’s come to my attention that Delivery Code actually kinda sucks for wish list purposes. Take forever to ship stuff, exorbitant fees on top of product price, that kind of thing. I’ve used it to send a gift to a cam model friend so I know it at least works sometimes. Use your discretion.

A Note on Metadata 

As a general rule, you should avoid sending any images or videos directly unless you know what you’re doing and never forget to wipe the metadata from your own files.

When you share image and video files via reputable cam sites or Twitter, for example, they strip the metadata before posting your content. 

Metadata might include things like:

  • the name of the photographer (most likely you)
  • the date and location the media was recorded
  • other technical details

You can strip the metadata yourself by going into the file properties and either removing information or creating a clean copy.

how to remove metadata internet safety tips for cam girls

I recommend for the sake of simplicity and peace of mind to just always go through a third party, though. Don’t email your files!

Any Questions?

For a more detailed look at this topic, I would definitely recommend checking out Violet Blue’s “The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online.” Lots of quality internet safety tips for all genders!

Any comments or questions? Hit me up. I’ll definitely keep an eye on the comment fields below. Let’s work together and stay safe! 


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