Of all the potential income streams within the adult industry, preparing and selling photo sets is quickly becoming one of my favourites. I recently invested in a simple photography setup – lights, backdrop. I’ll link to the items I purchased below in case you want to check them out.

Back to teaching you how to sell adult photos.

Step One:
Assemble the required ingredients.


  • camera
  • tripod/photographer
  • proper lighting
  • simple/clutter free background
  • your gorgeous self

Let’s go over these one by one.


If you’re able to produce quality HD photos, you’re golden. You can use a good quality webcam, or you can use a real camera. I personally shoot with a Rebel T6 when I’m not being lazy and using that Logitech c920. Which also produces great images, and depends mostly on circumstances.


I use this tripod from Amazon. A friend or partner can also be a lot of fun if they know how to hold a camera.

Proper lighting

Even the best camera will produce a less than great image if the lighting isn’t up to par. Natural light can be really helpful, so if you have a window behind the camera – that will work. A simple lighting kit will also be beneficial. This is the one I’m using.

Simple/clutter free background.

You definitely don’t need to invest in a backdrop of any kind to start out selling adult photos. But I do love this backdrop and stand I picked out for my bedroom. Just try to keep it simple. Think couch, carpet, kitchen counter. Say that ten times fast.

Your gorgeous self.

Well, I don’t really feel the need to elaborate. Just be yourself and have a good time.

Ready to take some pictures?

Step Two:
Your Photo Shoot.

Put on some funky ass music, set your camera on continuous shooting, press the shutter and go. The how of this step will depend on your equipment.

The most important thing to remember during the shoot is to have fun with it, be yourself, and be confident. Your personality will shine through the images you produce, and that’s ultimately what will keep people coming back for more. of you. 🙂

Use a tripod or enlist a friend. Dress up, or don’t. Costumes can be fun. Use toys. Tease and show off. Or don’t. People appreciate all kinds of photos.

Check out some posing ideas on Pinterest or just experiment with different angles to capture your best ones. Explore fetish ideas. You can shoot around a theme, around an outfit, around a naughty activity, or a mundane activity. Exercise, eat cake, masturbate. You are only limited by your imagination. Go wild! Or don’t. You do you.

If you’re feeling it, consider increasing your earning potential by also filming a video while you’re all set up. Pics are a lot of fun, but videos are pretty much always an easier sell. I’ll expand on that in another post.

Step Three:
Editing, including watermarking

You can edit the images yourself or hire someone. If you do it yourself:

  • Don’t go crazy with filters and effects. Less is more.
  • Limit cropping to retain as many pixels as possible.
  • Add a simple watermark to each image, normally your stage name. Social media handle or website are also popular options, but consult the TOS of whatever platform you choose to list the set.

I’m no professional but I can touch up images for anyone that wants some help with this – 5 bucks per 10 images, including watermarking. Then you’ll have a completed product ready to sell.

Step Four:
Marketing, i.e. How to Sell Adult Photos.

You can include as many images as you want in a set, and price accordingly.

Pick your channels, upload, sell.

Marketing requires an audience. If you don’t have one established, selling photos will be more difficult but it can still be done.

Tweet out the new set. Include it as part of your next raffle. Promote it on your other channels on cam or on the phone.

It’s always fun waking up to Goody Bag sold notifications!

I currently sell my images primarily on Niteflirt.

For an even more detailed guide on how (and where) to sell adult photos, check out the SnapCash course. There’s 9 modules and it’s very comprehensive, including some legal stuff and selling on social media platforms.

Til next time!

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