While it’s impossible to choose a cam name that perfectly encapsulates your innate depth and individuality, what you choose as your cam name sets a tone for your style, your cam persona, and how you present yourself to clients when they encounter you in a paid cam or phone session.

Your name selection also has an impact on the effectiveness of your self-promotion on social media sites like Twitter and the reach of your internet footprint. Name selection is also a factor in your ability to control your client lists from the various websites and platforms upon which you work.

While it’s important to think strategically about what name you adopt for your cam persona and brand, it’s also a decision you can change at any point if the need or desire strikes.

Pick a name that YOU enjoy, as you’ll be seeing and hearing it often.

Choose a Cam Name that Matches Your Style

“That which we call a rose / By Any Other Name would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare

What you choose for a cam name isn’t going to make or break your cam career, but your choice does have an impact on how clients perceive you so it’s important to think about who you are/want to be as a cam persona and how well the name fits your style.

For example, if your cam name is ‘Mistress Jane Doe’, new clients seeking a submissive partner will probably assume you aren’t for them. On the other hand, if you choose ‘littlemissjanedoe’ as your cam name this indicates a more youthful and submissive persona who probably wouldn’t be ideal for a client seeking a hard core Domme.

There are a variety of ways to find inspiration for a cam name.

You can choose a name with personal meaning, a name you’ve always liked but didn’t receive at birth, or a more generic name that acts as a handle. In short, anything you want as long as it does not contain a word that is banned by the credit card companies. For example, the word ‘sleep’ is a word that violates credit card company rules (as it implies a lack of consent) so chances are you wouldn’t be able to stream on a webcam site using the name ‘SleepingJaneDoe’.

In selecting a name I would not recommend choosing the same cam name as a well-established and popular model, particularly if you share a similar look and style. That said, there are a few Quinn69’s out there and I’ve never encountered a client who confused me with another performer who shares the same name.

You’re a unique performer with unique gifts and traits- originality is the best way to highlight those qualities.

Choose a Cam Name That Allows For Style Experimentation

Bob Marley isn’t my name. I don’t even know my name yet.

Bob Marley

You can easily accommodate more than one variation of a name to test out different audiences, or adjust your name to your business as it grows. While my ‘official’ cam name is Quinn69, over the years I came to the point where I use the ‘informal’ name Jesse Quinn almost interchangeably. The two names are not incongruous with each other, and through using them I’m able to show the ‘real person’ side of my cam persona while still maintaining the original, impersonal cam name that matches my brand (my website, social media and my overall client base).

In selecting a cam name, be aware of how popular the name is, especially within the camming industry. In my case, my informal cam name is extremely difficult to find in internet search results for anything related to camming/adult work as the name is so common in the mainstream world. However my formal cam name brings far more search results that link directly to me and my sites. In using both names I get the benefits of both a more personalized name as well as a broader reach to clients and potential clients out on the net.

You can also experiment with different qualifiers to a name. In my case I adopted a tertiary name of ‘Lady J’ for my mesmerize and sensual domination clients on one specific website geared towards those types of shows.

All three of the names I chose come under one brand while catering to different elements of my client base. Clients who encounter a different version of my name are never confused as to whether it’s me.

In choosing a name, think about the ways it can be altered and adjusted as you grow into your career without having to completely overhaul your entire online footprint. If you’re just starting out as a webcam model, expect that over time your name will morph as you do. Our careers, this industry, and who we want to be in this industry are constantly changing, so it’s natural that over time your name (though not necessarily your brand) will as well. 

Use Your Cam Name to Control and Expand Your Client Base

Names have power.

Rick Riordan

The cam name you select will have a profound impact on how effectively you can build and control your client base.

Firstly in how easy it is for clients to find you off of any given website platform. If you use one name across many different platforms and social media venues (Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit), if you decide to leave a cam site your clients from that site will be able to find you fairly easily. Especially if your Twitter handle matches your cam name. Twitter ranks very well when searching by name so if you are experimenting with different names make sure that your Twitter account handle matches the most popular name you currently use. 

Regarding client internet searches, with properly tagged photos your cam name is a highly effective tool in Image search. Get into the habit of using your cam name in either the image file name or alt description of each image you post online, as many cam clients tend to use image search almost as frequently as they do general search when trying to connect with a performer with whom they’ve lost touch.

Another search-related component of your cam name to keep in mind is how easily it can be remembered by clients. If you chose a name with special characters or long number sequences it can be difficult for clients to recall accurately when doing a website or internet search. Thus rendering your online footprint less accessible to clients than had you chosen a name not requiring a photographic memory.

Your choice of cam name can also be used to test out a different persona on a new platform, by creating a name your clients wouldn’t think to search for in seeking you. I availed myself of this technique years ago when I worked big box free chat cam sites and found it to be really helpful.

On my main site cam site at the time I had a very gregarious and high-energy persona but I wanted a side site for streaming when I didn’t feel like being Mz Sunshine. I created a new account on a new site in a drastically different name and was able to keep my preexisting client base from finding me there. I eventually dumped the side name when I no longer wanted it, but it was a great tool for reaching new clients without my existing clients finding me.

In sum, your cam name is a foundational aspect of your brand and what you choose has an impact on the types of clients you tend to attract, your ability to control your client base, and your internet reach via search and social media. It’s an important decision.

Choosing your name and experimenting with variations if desired should be enjoyable, a chance to make yourself into whoever and whatever you want to be. Like all things in camming, your name is deeply personal and your satisfaction with your selection is the most important consideration. Think strategically, but above all have fun with it.

Good luck out there 🙂

7 Replies to “How to Choose the Best Cam Name For You”

  1. I find Cam names are so important… I am having a very hard time settling on one! I think cam names are the way you make your first impression, like a focal point to your brand. Found this article very helpful … almost reassuring! Thank you!

    1. Hi Alisha, so glad you found the article about choosing the best cam name helpful. It can be a tough decision, and you’re right that it becomes like your brand. The tips in Jesse’s article should hopefully help you narrow it down. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! I’m really struggling with coming up with a name so this is really useful

    1. Rebranding is never easy but if you chose the wrong name it’s always good to know it’s an option. We advise putting some thought into it so you don’t run into that scenario. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. I swear it was easier to pick my insta handle than to come up with a cam name that’s hot and available. I want it to be memorable without being too specific as I don’t know if I will change the niche later on or not.

    1. Hi Lora! Thanks for reading and commenting on this post! It’s definitely a good idea to leave yourself with room to grow, or possible variations of your name to allow for future expansion. All the best, Ray

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