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5 Ways to Build Confidence as a Socially Anxious Entertainer

You’ve embarked on an unlikely road. You’ve weighed the factors that are important to you and determined that social anxiety won’t be stopping you this time. First of all, congrats and welcome! Let’s look at how to build confidence on this journey.

So, what’s the problem? 

If you’re anything like me the idea of talking to strangers and being the center of attention is enough to incite panic. Now add flirting, dancing, stripping and all those other nefarious things you’re thinking of trying on cam. 

Hold up. Breathe. 

What are some possible solutions? 

1. Celebrate every success.

Your decision to work in the sex industry while struggling with social anxiety means that you have something a lot of people are missing. You’ve got serious guts. 

Celebrate every little success along the way, because this is how you’ll eventually bring your long term vision to life.

You win every time you even show up. Don’t discount that.

2. Learn from every mistake.

When you mess up, ask yourself how you can grow from this experience. What you can learn. Don’t waste time beating yourself up. I know it’s hard when you’re struggling with any kind of anxiety, but it’s very important to be patient and gentle with yourself. 

And no, not making money is not a mistake. We all have ups and downs – it’s just the nature of the work we do. 

Logging on when you’re feeling particularly anxious or low might classify as a mistake. When to be patient and kind with yourself and when to expect more from yourself – these are things you may need to learn by practicing. 

3. Watch your language and practice positive self talk.

What if. But. Can’t. Should. 

How often are these words finding their way into your vocabulary? Try replacing them and just see how this feels. How about…

When. And. Can. Will. 

So for example, instead of saying “I should be recording this clip instead of reading emails butwhatif can’t get the light right…” 

Try a little shift. Say, “When I can get the light right, I will record this clip.” Now it’s positive and affirmative. Focus on logistics rather than procrastination and worry. 

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4. Build meaningful relationships with others in your field.

Easier said than done, I know. But in time they will become like family. You’ll support each other and lean on each other and celebrate with each other. And who knows – maybe make porn with each other? One step at a time. 🙂 Take a step and start following webcam models you like on social media as well as forums like WeCamgirls.

5. Create an environment that is safe for you.

This is a biggie. As webcam models, we are in complete control of the environment in our own chat rooms. Don’t be shy with your ignore, silence, and ban options. If a user is making you feel uncomfortable, you are 100% within your rights to vanquish them. Warn if you like, but put your comfort above all else.

It will likely try your patience if it seems that everyone who comes in is abusive or otherwise disrespectful, but stand your ground.

How are the prospects looking? 

You can totally succeed in the webcam modeling industry despite any social anxiety or other mental illness you may face. The beauty of camming is you have the freedom to go at your own pace and abide by your own boundaries.

Also, any steps you take to manage your social anxiety will obviously help in every area of your life, which includes your webcam modeling.

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  1. My social anxiety disorder affected enormously my confidence these past years but I can add that reading self-development books can help with social anxiety I’ve experienced it my self, reading will make you learn a lot about this disorder which can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re struggling with visiting a therapist a couple of times helps too. Thank you for the tips!

    1. Learning and understanding my social anxiety were really pivotal to my recovery and being able to start building confidence- especially on camera! It was hard in the beginning. I’m glad that you’ve found therapy helpful as well. Thank you for sharing! All the best to you

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