How Much Do Camgirls Make… and is it worth it?

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How Much Do Camgirls Make… and is it worth it?

Part 2 of Webcam Modeling Explained By a Model in Business 6 Years.

I don’t want to step on your dreams, but…

Most of the so-called information available on how much camgirls make is grossly exaggerated or downright false.

I see a lot of companies, in particular studios, presenting numbers from their top earners and saying “You could be making this too!” But, are you a top earner? No. You a n00b. But seriously, I’ve been at this for six years and the only way I’ve ever made $1000 in a single day was through my independent work with a very generous client. Definitely not through a third party site and Most Definitely not through a studio skimmin’ my profits. 

Caution: I would strongly advise against any independent cam work prior to learning the ropes for at least one year on a third party site. 

I’m not saying the whole 6-figures / year thing can’t be accomplished. I’m saying it’s extremely difficult and most often used as bait to reel in some n0bs. The harsh reality is that you’re most likely (like 99%) not going to be in the top 5%. Shut up, I know math. 

how much do camgirls make
That’s like $13/hr, woo!

Let’s look at the lower end of the spectrum. Here’s a snapshot of my last couple weeks earnings on Chaturbate. 

For context, I’m a nervous turd who frequently logs on without a plan of any kind. I rather enjoy my low-key “coffee and chat” type sessions (often fully clothed) with my guys. I usually do like 2 hours during the day. I’m fine with this right now, since I have other sources of income (phone sex, content, affiliate commissions, etc). 

An experienced model might reasonably hope to make between $50-$100/hour (when putting in the effort). 

Obviously the more you work, the more potential income you expose yourself to. More work does not necessarily equal more earnings. If you’re sitting there for 10 hours expecting to make your $1000 because math, you’ll likely be disappointed. Daily income can fluctuate from nothing to a few hundred bucks and back again. It’s exhausting. And your energy plays a huge role in how well you do. 

A new model might start off strong, then make something like minimum wage. I personally started below minimum wage. Everyone’s experience is different, so it’s impossible to predict how well someone is going to do. A person’s physical attractiveness is not an indication of how much money that person is going to make. 

We’ll talk more about other sources of income and other variables as we go along.

Should I become a webcam model? 

Answer these questions to determine if you have what it takes to pursue webcam modeling.

1. Are you expecting a butt load of cash for minimum effort based mostly on your appearance? 

If you answered yes, then no, you should not become a webcam model. If clients were just looking for a nice pair of tits with no personality they’d go to Google images

2. Will you get discouraged and quit within the first few months if you’re not reaching your income goals?

If you answered yes, then no, you should not become a webcam model. As with any business, success takes time. 

3. Does the fact that your content will likely exist forever on the internet make you uncomfortable?

If you answered yes, then no, because you shouldn’t be making content you’re uncomfortable with in the first place. 

4. Are you planning to keep your work a secret from your significant other or any close and trustworthy friends? 

If you answered yes, then no, because you will absolutely need their support. 

The only exception to this one is if you’re in a dangerous or abusive situation and hope to use camming as a means of escape – in this case, I absolutely support you and encourage you to connect with other models online.

5. Do you plan on keeping any income on the down low, in particular from your local tax authority?

If you answered yes, then no, because I don’t want you to go to jail derp face.  

What are the Best Cam Sites to work on?

I’ll expand on this section in the future, and provide actual cam site reviews. In the meantime, I can wholeheartedly recommend Chaturbate as an amazing starting point for all kinds of models and streaming styles.

If you sign up on Chaturbate, just remember that you get extra promotion for being #new for your first seven days. You’ll want to take full advantage of that time to give yourself the strongest start possible. 

Where do I go from here? 

That depends entirely on where you want to go from here. Dive in and ask your questions! Comment forms will get you the best answers if I have them.

The best way to learn is by taking action.

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