Streamate is a pay per minute cam site.  It’s my favorite site to cam because it is pay per minute, and I prefer more of the intimate one on one atmosphere in paid chat sessions.  This post will cover recommended equipment to get started camming along with how to make the most of the new model status and use the various tools to potentially increase your earnings.  

First things first-

What equipment do you need to get started on Streamate?  

We will break down each definition requirement. 

Streaming in Standard Definition

  • Mac or PC with an i5 or i7 processor (or equivalent) with a minimum of 4 GB RAM. 
  • Internet upload speed is above 1 Mbps
  • Camera with a resolution of 640 x 480 or higher.  

Streaming in 720p 

  • Mac or PC with an i5 or i7 processor (or equivalent) with a minimum of 8 GB RAM.
  • 1GB or more of available hard drive space.  
  • Internet upload speed at 2.25 Mbps or above.
  • Camera resolution of 1280 x 720 or higher and at least 30fps

Streaming in 1080p 

  • Mac or PC with i7 processor or AMD Ryzen 1700 (or equivalent) and a min 8GB RAM
  • 1 GB or more available hard drive space. 
  • Internets upload speed of 3mbps or above.
  • Camera resolution of 1920 x 1080 p or higher with at least 30 fps

One other factor that will affect the quality of your stream is lighting. 

When I first began camming I used clamp lights with a strong bulb and eventually purchased a soft box kit on Amazon.

Make the Most of Your New Model Status

New model status lasts 30 days from the time the performer account is created on Streamate.  During this time it is recommended that you cam as many hours as comfortably possible. Why?

This period allows you to build up favorites, a potential regular customer base.  In theory the more favorites you have the more traffic you may have.  

Working a regular consistent schedule helps with placement as well (more on that later). 

While you are streaming, ask members to favorite and tag you. “Tags” help members create notes about a performer.  For example, let’s say a customer has a fetish for women who have big feet- they can tag you and find you later. This also allows other customers that have the same taste to find you as well.  

When a member takes you to private or exclusive chatask them to rate you 5 stars after the show if they enjoyed the show.  This will also help improve placement. Keep in mind some customers may leave abruptly, without saying anything- don’t take this personally- sometimes customers get interrupted or just leave after they get the goods.  Just get in the practice of asking for those 5-star ratings, and be okay when they don’t leave any feedback.

Pricing and Setting Rates 

What is a good rate to set for my shows?

Ultimately your pricing strategy is what works best for you.   I would personally suggest not to sell yourself short by setting your prices too low.  A good starting rate for new models is $4.99/min in premium chat, and a dollar or two more in exclusive.  

Streamate does have a rate analysis tool that is an incredibly helpful feature.   It pulls the information from 30 days to show you what your hourly rate is when you are online. It is suggested that when you are testing out new rates to stick with those rates for 30 days to gain an accurate representation as to how these rates are performing.  

Every cam model is different- some pricing strategies work well for one and not so much for the other.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your rates.   

A Short Word on Placement

Many cam models get hung up on placement, and with good reason. If we are placed on the front page we are more likely to get noticed.  We will discuss placement briefly, but…. I urge you not to stress too much on placement.  

Streamate has an algorithm feature based on customer preferences.  How one model appears on the page for one member will be completely different for another.  

There are a variety of other factors that come into play in regards to placement:

  • The quality of stream- your equipment, internet speed, etc.  
  • Percentage of time in paid chat.
  • Conversion or turning potential customers into paying customers.  
  • Consistent schedule- logging on to cam at the same days and times.  

And I am certain there are other factors that I am not aware of- the most important thing is to log on and keep your eye on the prize and that is building up your income!

Navigate The 3 Types of Shows on Streamate

1. Private Shows 

Private or premium chat is a group show. Multiple members can join in the show simultaneously.   

2. Exclusive Chat

Exclusive chat is where it is just you and one member exclusively, no one else can join in the show.  

Tip: Charge additional gold for various types of shows.  One thing that I do is charge more for very specific type shows that require time, resources, energy, etc.  For example, one specific type of show I perform on occasion is sploshing.  I charge extra for this type of show- why?   Well, it’s messy.  I have to do extra laundry, use food such as yogurt to dump all over myself I was going to eat that by the way, and then take time off cam to clean up the mess and shower.   There are other types of shows as well that I charge more for.   Just using this as an example to give you a frame of reference.

3. Gold Shows 

Gold shows are group shows where multiple members can pitch in to reach the goal. Typically the buy in for the show is at a discounted rate.

You get to set the goal, what you will do in the show, how long the show will be and how much time is available to reach the goal.  Gold shows are a useful way to boost up placement because it increases the percentage of time in paid chat.  (You may need to contact support to enable this feature) 

Get Familiar With These Show Features 


This allows the viewer to send their cam for your viewing.  

You can accept or decline their cam request.  I use this only in exclusive- because it is one on one.  Other performers allow members to turn on their cam in private, but ultimately it is up to you.  


Customers can call you through the site.  

You can turn this feature on or off in your streaming window and choose if you would like to have it on in private, exclusive, or both. Side note – Customers may try to be stealthy and give you their phone number for you to call them- Don’t DO IT!  It’s against site rules.  

Block Sessions

You can offer discounts to your customers for longer shows by enabling block sessions. The block sessions come in increments of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes blocks time.  The discounts are 5, 10, 15, and 20% respectively.

Record Video

This feature is incredibly useful to record your shows to resell later.   

Mobile Streaming

You can also cam directly from your phone. 

Now that you know about the show types let’s move onto Free chat.

What To Do in Streamate’s Free Chat

When you begin streaming you will be starting in free chat. It’s important to engage with the members in your room.   Here is a perfect opportunity to get to know your potential customers, find out what type of show they are looking for, etc., etc.   

It’s important to engage with the members in your room.  

Tip: You can take notes on members by clicking on their icon.   This is an incredibly helpful tool- more on that later.   

Keep in mind:  Patience and persistence are key.   

There will be slow times, and even slow days.  Do not let this discourage you!  Keep at it! It will get better. I have experienced days where I have cammed six hours in day and made $20.  Sad, I know right?  The key is to wake up the next day and remind yourself it’s a brand new day and stick with it!!! A whale might just find you.

In free chat- set your eye on the prize as in focus on the sale- ultimately you want to get as many shows as possible to increase your sales, but there are some slow times, slow days.  Here are some ways around that.  

Free chat features 

Gold menu

The gold menu is a list of options that members can see in free chat.  Currently, the items are preset and you get to determine how much gold each item costs.  For example, flash boobs, feet, stockings, blowjob, striptease… The list is quite extensive.   

Spin the Wheel

This is a fun little feature for the gambling types that like to take their chances.  You get to set the cost of spinning the wheel and the options you want on the wheel.   

Tip Vibes

Streamate is set up to use tip vibes.  Each time a member sends gold in free chat it sets off your tip vibe.  On a personal note, I resisted going with a tip vibe up until spring of this year.  What I have found is that it is much easier to reach my goals with this on slow days.  

Hustle tip – One thing that irritates the daylights out of me is when members send one gold at a time.  Use this to your advantage- Say “Send more gold, or x amount of gold to put a smile on my face.  It doesn’t always work, but with some members it does.   

Other Features to Generate income on Streamate (even when you’re offline)


This is a preset list which is a nice little feature.  Customers have the option to purchase items off your wishlist with a preset amount.  You get to select from five of the following items 

  • Coffee Time-Gift Me a Drink 
  • Manicure 
  • Lingerie 
  • Play Time- (I need a new toy)
  • Jewelry

Customers are awarded reward points and when they purchase these items, it converts to cold hard cash, in your earnings of course, for you to spend however your heart desires. 

Activity Feed

Streamate enabled an activity feed feature.  Since we can’t share our social media handles on Streamate(it’s against the rules- don’t do it!!!) You can post pictures and make posts to your favorites for them to see.  This is a great tool for members to stay connected.  Things I have done is take pictures of new outfits with an enticing little post.  (this has helped me get shows. ) 

Customers can like the posts and also leave gold for the post.  You also can sell pictures via the activity feed.

Offline Tips 

Customers can now leave offline tips to you via a message  when you are not online 


You can now sell your content on Streamate.   This is a great way to build up your earnings. If members are low on funds, short on time I mention that I have videos for sale, so they can view them at their convenience.  Make sure to set the tags appropriately- this can also help you to attain new customers.  

Fan Clubs

A subscription-based service. I have not personally used this feature as of yet, but I do see the benefit of adding this feature.  

The fan club feature now requires you to grant customers video access- You have a choice of what videos you would like them to have access to.  You can set the price between 4.99 to 49.99.  You also get to set the benefits- which videos they have access to.  Along with Private and Exclusive discounts between 0-25 %

There are also resources available on Streamate Model’s website after you have created a performer account.  You can access this resource after logging in at or after logging in on your account at streamate models under the “support” tab.  

Streamate provides all the guides necessary for you to get started camming on the site.  There are a lot of guides and articles that cover how to navigate your account, site rules and safety, setting up before you stream, the basics of streaming,  tips to build your audience, developing your style and so much more.  

You will also find guides regarding account features, troubleshooting and much more.

There are plenty of ways to make money on Streamate.  It’s a great site to cam on.  

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