We interviewed Fairuza, 24-year-old phone sex operator, cam dominatrix and content creator from San Francisco. Fairuza, also known as Dark Muse, has been working in the adult industry for six years.

Fairuza’s biggest challenge has been “choosing the path less traveled as a sex worker.”

My biggest challenges as an Afro-Latina non-nude cam model were finding my voice as a domme, finding my audience, and choosing to go the path less traveled as a sex worker. Also, I will say that I decided to become a non-nude domme because it seemed like the right path for me at the time. Honestly, during my first few years as a cam model I did not see myself on too many American top box sites.  In addition, foreign PPMs and Skype sites gave me more bang for my buck as they say. 

Plus, I expand my cam business into Second Life as I feel there is a market for ebony models. Particularly in the Afro-Latina domme market, virtual worlds like Second Life offer you a great way of meeting more subs/slaves willing to tribute. Also it gives you another market to make a great income off of. It took some time for me to find my audience but I do like exploring the road less traveled.”

fairuza dark muse afro latina cam dominatrix

Dark Muse offers customers a look into her “wacky world.” Fairuza explains:

“My creativity has really hit high marks since I have been in this industry. Plus, I offer my customers a look at my wacky world of Kitsch, Latin heat, and Caribbean sensuality.  I enjoy generous men’s company, playing dress up, using my language skills, and using my knowledge.”

When prompted about future goals, Fairuza says she plans to “get into extreme sugaring in the next two years.”

“I am just supplementing my other adult income. I am really just a custom clip producer and phone sex operator who cams part time. I will get into extreme sugaring in the next two years.”

Fairuza surrounds herself with sex worker allies, and has a cool mom.

My family had a legacy in the adult industry that I wanted to continue. I grew up around the adult industry and did not see it as taboo. During my formative years, I was allowed great freedom and I brought that to this industry.

My mother is my biggest supporter and thinks that my career is cool. My friends also work in this industry or are allies to the sex worker community.”

Society has a lot of preconceived ideas about sex work, to which Fairuza responds:

“Well, most of us are not human traffic victims. We come into this industry on our own accord. Many of us including myself are business women who used this industry to spread joy and sparkle into customers’ lives. We deserve to be treated with respect, honor, and kindness.”

dark muse fairuza afro latina cam dominatrix

To those just getting started in the industry, Fairuza offers some wisdom:

“Treat this industry like it’s a business and not a lifestyle.

Be loyal to your brand, your money, and your customer base. Sites close down all of the time but you can still make money if you have a fan base loyal to your brand.”

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