Eve Sixxx (she/they), 42 from the Midwest, had their first taste in the adult entertainment industry working as a stripper in their 20s.

My first taste in the adult entertainment industry was in my 20’s- I worked as stripper. My little sister started dancing. She invited me to check out the club. I checked out the club and noticed that they were hiring waitress, by the end of the night I ended up on the stage. From there I danced for on and off for about 6 years. I loved stripping, as it was an outlet to let my alter ego out- I never saw myself as being “entertaining’ as I am a hardcore introvert. During that time I was diagnosed with major recurrent depression which led me to pursue “vanilla’ life for a while.

Fast forward to about 7 years ago- I left a very unhealthy relationship, in doing so I had to start over. I was working a vanilla job and it was making ends meet, but that was about it. My daughter’s friend was doing phone sex and on occasion would ask if it was okay if they could take a call while they were over. I asked questions about it and then signed up. A regular caller told me about Streamate. He suggested that I sign up for the site, because he thought I would do really well.

I worked phone sex and cammed on a very part time basis, and within about 3 months’ time I quit my vanilla job to cam full time. It’s been a little over 6 years now.

We asked about challenges EveSixxx has faced while learning to run her business, as well as the various impacts of working in the adult entertainment industry.

If I were to wrap them all up in one word, I would say prioritization.
In the beginning I struggled with maintaining the art of balance with the work/life balance. Eventually I learned how to maintain both- although life still happens.

The greatest lesson that I have learned thus far is boundaries.

Two things that none of us can buy back is energy and time.
I like to engage members to get a sense of who they are, what they are looking for and ultimately establish a connection with them before a session. This worked well for me for a bit and then I found myself drained and exhausted. Members would frequently visit my room to chat for an extended period of time without going to paid chat/and or tipping. I had to establish boundaries and keep focused on sales.

I would say that working in this industry has changed me as a person for the better. I am stronger, wiser and much more confident as a whole. It’s definitely been a catalyst for growth.

In most ways, my work has had a positive impact on my daily life. I have the time freedom to make self-care a priority and to take mental health days as needed.
My MVP’s in my life- my families are supportive of what I do, and I do make time for them.
Navigating friendships and intimate relationships outside the industry has been a bit of challenge. I’ve learned quickly to use discretion about what I do. Some people are supportive and some will demonize you. I have come to terms with this and accepted that it is what it is.
Intimate relationships have been challenging. I feel that past partners have had this illusion of my performer self is who I am, when in fact there are many more facets to my personality and who I am.

My work has affected my view of society as it has given me a much more realistic and complex view of the world, along with a greater understanding of human nature.

Most people are out in the world are fighting to get their needs met in one fashion or another. Some need their egos fed and stroked; while others need to be acknowledged, and heard.

What do you wish you’d known about the adult entertainment industry before you took the plunge?

The one thing I wish I would have known before taking the plunge- was working in the industry is like riding a roller coaster. The good days are really good, and the bad days are really low. Be prepared for this.

Our society has a lot of opinions about sex work. Tell us something about your work that would surprise the lay person who doesn’t know better.

Sex work isn’t easy work as outsiders would like to believe.
This line of work involves and immense amount of mental and emotional labor. Don’t allow the glamorization of the industry fool you.

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer someone just getting started in the industry?

Being consistent and persistent pays off. Keep your focus.

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