Wigs are hot. No, really. If you have hair already, and you put another layer of hair on top, it’s basically like you’re wearing a big hairy hat. Fortunately for wigs, they are also cute and versatile and easy to take care of once you know what you’re doing. 100% worth a bit of heat, imo.

How to Shop Costume Wigs For Webcam Modeling

If you have a local wig shop you can hit up, do that. They can likely educate you on the different types and what styles and types of cap would work best for your needs. I’ll go over some basics I’ve learned so far. 

Most common in costume wigs: Synthetic fiber with full cap construction. These tend to be the cheapest option. 

For beginner’s wigs, bangs are your best friend since they can effectively mask any especially fake looking hairline. If you’re not into bangs, you’ll probably want to look at lace front options. They tend to be a bit more expensive and require more prep on your part (you have to cut the lace), but the lace construction helps to make the hairline more realistic.

Here are some of my favourite finds so far (all under $20!): 

Amazon: Short Cosplay Wig

costume wigs for women short cosplay synthetic purple

Full cap construction. I was a little dubious about this one since it was so cheap (around $10) but after a quick trim of the bangs I’m actually pretty impressed. I can wear it comfortably for a few hours at a time – perfect for my camming session. Have had several positive comments, and one person who asked if I like anime. Goes with the territory. (I’m not a huge fan, but I like the hair.) 

RoseGal: Natural Wavy Cosplay Synthetic Wig

blue natural wavy costume wigs for women

Full cap construction. These were two of the first wigs I ordered online. Since they’re in China (through RoseGal) they took a long time to get here, but I found them worth the wait. I’m sure you could probably find something comparable on Amazon if you’re not into the waiting or ordering from China thing.

SammyDress: Long Straight Capless Synthetic Wig

This was my first capless costume wig. I love how breathable it is! Feels much lighter than my previous wigs, and the fiber feels really nice and realistic too. Honestly I just need to trim the bangs on this one and it’ll be like I grew my hair out but without the painful in between stages. It came from SammyDress, which is another outlet based in China. But again, worth the wait imo. 

long straight capless costume wig

Must-Have Wig Accessories  

Wig stands: 

You’ll need these to store your wigs properly so they don’t get all squished. Nobody likes squishy hair. 

Wig spray

A simple conditioning wig spray will keep your wig looking and feeling like a fresh wig much longer. 

Wig comb: 

Don’t use a normal hairbrush on your wigs! You’ll need a wide tooth comb designed for wigs. 

New Wig, New You

Wigs are a lot of fun! Once you get used to them and build up your collection, you’ll love the convenience of just “putting on your hair.” And there are so many inexpensive options. If you’re looking for wigs to use for camming or personal use just for a few hours at a time, there’s really no need to spend much more than twenty bucks. These are just a few of the ones I’ve found worthy of sharing. Go get your new ‘do! 

If you find something awesome please feel free to spread the love in the comments below. Any questions or feedback are also welcome. 


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