Introducing Corii Siren (she/her), 30 from Northern Indiana. Corii Siren has been working in the adult entertainment industry for over 10 years, and graciously agreed to an interview. She started out as a webcam model on MFC, and says she “actually stumbled into the industry by way of an outdated Craigslist ad!”

As a webcam model, sometimes Corii Siren might need to hide her real profession. She explains:

“Everyone knows what I do and I usually tell even strangers. If for some reason I need to mask it, I’m in social media marketing! Or a photographer.”

We asked about the early days and learning how to run her business. What was Corii Siren’s biggest challenge getting started in adult entertainment?

“I started in May 2011 and, unlike today there was literally NO help available for this industry. I made some friends on MFC, clients told me about other websites, and that’s how I branched out early.

I think the biggest challenge in the beginning was really believing this was real and that I have a place here.”

“I put a dildo on my wishlist and a fan bought it. No big deal, right? Yeah… It was a Shane Diesel dildo and I thought I was gonna need Jesus.”

How has working in porn changed Corii Siren as a person?

“I’ve always been pretty confident, but there’s definitely been a boost. Especially after I gained weight from this awful medication I was on, people still love me. And that helped me love me, too.

I can be myself and not have to wear a mask and it’s freeing.”

We asked how her work has affected daily life and relationships with family and friends.

Corii responded, “Mostly for the better! I would say the only downside would be turning into a workaholic and becoming a bit of a hermit lol.”

Corii Siren explains how her work has affected her view of porn in the context of the world today:

“Porn is real. All the pop ups I saw when I was younger are real people with real feelings. I’m one of those people now. It’s amazing how a simple conversation can be seen so differently now through “porn eyes.” Like people talking about watching stolen content or how some of the very people that consume us actually hate us and our industry. There’s huge stigma. However, I’ve also learned how accepting people can be, as well.”

“One day on cam, we got super nerdy and talked about building computers. Someone thought it would be funny if I could “imagine building a working PC from random parts bought from Wish.” Needless to say, I ended up getting tipped to buy every part and I built that thing naked on cam. And it worked!!! Mwahaha.”

Corii Siren says the most important issue facing the industry today is “the stigma against sex workers and mental health within the industry. It’s no secret what has been happening lately with platforms and the mental health of industry workers is being toyed with. Those of us who can can speak up and continue to speak up.

More and more news is getting published in favor of us and on our side; it’s now time to have the talk about our mental health and wellbeing.”

Thinking about the future and continuing evolution of the adult entertainment industry, Corii Siren says “It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but those of us who have been able to adapt change after change will make it through. I hope that’s a lot of us! Business models are going to change, marketing, payments, etc.

As long as we stick together, stick to the facts, and stop anyone who is causing people to panic more, we’ll be just fine.”

“I am extremely popular in the nose blowing fetish world. Seasonal allergies are a little easier to welcome nowadays!”

We asked Corri what she wishes she’d known about the industry before taking the plunge.

“Honestly, the drama. I know this is present in every job, every workplace, but with the rise of social media, things can get really ugly really fast over next to nothing.”

Our society has a lot of opinions about sex work, to which Corii responds: “I don’t get to chill back and masturbate or “have sex on camera for money” all day.

We are literally every facet of a business all in one person. Videographer, editor, marketing, secretary, CEO, PR, all of it. This job isn’t easy.

Also, not every client wants sexual things. I make tons of money from being my nerdy self and topless gaming with my guys. I love it!”

Corii Siren’s best advice for someone just getting started in sex work:

“DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. There are SO MANY places to look into now and learn about our industry. Everything you put out on the Internet will be here forever. Your content will be stolen. You will not please every customer and not all of your fellow workers will like you and that’s OK.

And for the love of fuck, READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE.”

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  1. This was so inspiring, Corii has an awesome vibe! After years of going back and forth I think I’m ready to join this industry, especially now that I’ll work exclusively from home, even after the pandemic ends. I’m working on creating my online persona around things that actually interest me, I don’t want to put a fake me out there.

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