Use Chaturbate Apps and Bots to Keep Things Interesting

Chaturbate was actually the first token site I ever joined, and for good reason. For the longest time it was the only site that had bots, which definitely makes the room more interesting. A major part of camming is interacting with your fan base and bots help make it easier.

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I personally like spin the wheel, hangman, blackjackoff, and slot machine just to name a few examples.

“Chaturbate is one of my favorite token sites to work on.”

Alluring Ali

However, Chaturbate is not without its difficulties. For instance, you see pages upon pages of models, you may wonder how in the world will anyone find you if you don’t have a high room count and a constant flood of tippers.

The tag feature is a great way to get some exposure, which I always write in my room topic.

Also, I encourage people to up vote me if they have tipped enough tokens. Sometimes, Chaturbate has a recommended top row that brings you right to the front of the page. I remember I was there for a week one time and it definitely improved traffic.

Chaturbate is Fetish Friendly, so Don’t Be Afraid To Figure Out Where You Fit

Chaturbate is one of those sites where you should find your niche. While controversial, it was a site that promoted cartoon porn and currently has a 3D cartoon character broadcasting – and yes, I sometimes see that room at the very top. I saw rooms at the top that included

  • A 3D animated avatar
  • Cartoon porn
  • Bad Dragon toys
  • Exhibitionism
  • Cosplay

Personally, October is my busiest month of Chaturbate because I wear costumes every day. It sets me apart from everyone else. With other months, I change up my room decorations quite often. People enjoying coming to my room and seeing something different.

Tip Activated Toys Will Put You Ahead of the Curve

Lovense or Ohmibod tip activated toys do seem to bring in more traffic. It’s currently the main trend that has not faded away.

The Lovense LUSH 2 is very popular!

I remember when Hitachi O-belts were all the rage and I still do those shows once a month and people still enjoy it. Then it was the Njoy wand, which I find is great for up close cumshows. Sybians and fuck machines also seem to be popular here and there, but you actually have to register those toys in order to use them.

Collaboration With Chaturbate Models Can be Mutually Beneficial

Performing with other models made a huge difference in my room count and tokens. With this site, I think boy/girl couples and girl/girl shows seem to be the most successful compared to other sites. When I performed with another model, it was delightful to have someone constantly to converse with and fans asked us a lot of questions. The room was lively and then the tokens started to come in. Once my model friend decided to leave the business, I was a solo camgirl once again, but I did learn a lot. It is important to have something to talk about so fans can jump in and ask questions.

Being Friendly and Engaging Goes a Long Way

Learn the art of talking about nothing. What do I do when I get on cam? I talk about my day, what shows I am watching, video games I am playing, upcoming content (which I rarely post on Chaturbate because I have had so many fans complain about issues), events I am looking forward to, so on and so forth. I make sure to say hi to every token member that comes in my room. I mute greys just because I rather not deal with them, although some models find them amusing and use them as a way to engage. Sometimes I will get tipped, sometimes I will reach goal, and sometimes it is quiet.

Find Your Big Tippers And Encourage Them to Take You Private

Whenever I have a fan who is the only one tipping and based on the screenname color, I can assume the member spends a lot of tokens, I push for a private show. I highly enjoy the one-on-one interaction and you also get money from anyone spying although they do not get to chat. I charge 60 tokens per minute but I think it is a fair price since the member gets a recording of the show and I tend to offer more hardcore shows in a private show versus free chat. I keep my goals low and do short shows in free chat due to piracy issues. However, if someone did tip me high enough in free chat, I would not care what was pirated.

Stick to a Schedule and Promote Your Social Media

Overall, I like Chaturbate a lot. I make sure to have a set schedule because my fans always know when to look for me whenever I am on. While there is the e-mail notification, most of my fans have that going to their spam inbox. Push for people to follow you on social media. I also had my bio custom designed that links my social media account (some fans are able to follow me to more than one site) and it includes a standard tip menu and a get to know me section. I enjoy having a list of favorite apps I like to implement. While the traffic is not always consistent and it is difficult to stand out everyday online, I’ve been on this site for years and am eager to see what trends come and go on here.

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3 Replies to “Chaturbate Review: Secrets to Success in 2021”

  1. I never considered a lot of these things so thanks for making me aware. One thing I’m wondering about is what to do while there’s no one or only a few people in my room?

    1. This happens all the time and is something you should be prepared for.
      If some time has gone by and no one has visited, I would recommend checking your settings / stream quality and lighting, and whether you look bored/nervous or present/confident. No need to put on an act, but there’s some wiggle room between putting on a show and sitting there half asleep. No judgement, I do the latter sometimes. It’s not ideal. Just make sure your stream looks good, you’re well lit, and comfy. People will naturally check you out if you’re new, and you should be open to some chatting / getting to know you stuff. Chaturbate brings quite a lot of traffic potential, so if you’re logging on regularly around the same times you’ll start to notice people coming back to see you. Over an extended period of time, those will become your people. But in the meantime, just try to keep yourself entertained for the most part, and try things with the folks that show up. Here’s a list of show ideas for Chaturbate, including some of the best apps/bots you can check out. The perfect time to set that stuff up is when there’s no one or only a few people in your room. 🙂

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