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Original Cam Game Ideas For Chaturbate

Most of my camming journey has happened behind the curtain of private shows and one-on-one interactions. As a socially anxious introvert, I never dreamed I’d do well in a more public setting. Turns out Chaturbate is chock full of amazing people from around the world and it really serves to bring people together when you’re…
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An Urgent Message for Webcam Models

Transcription I’m Rachael. I am the owner of I suffer from severe social anxiety, and depression, and generalized anxiety. I’m terrified right now. Six years ago, my husband at the time introduced me to the idea of webcam modelling. He had the idea to try it himself since he couldn’t work locally. I did…
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5 Things You Thought You Knew About Sex Work

People who don’t work in the sex industry tend to have all kinds of ideas and opinions about the people who do. In fact, they seem to think they know an awful lot about the work they’ve never done, too. Those of us who actually know what we’re talking about couldn’t possibly know what we’re…
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The Ultimate Period Survival Guide For Webcam Models

Sorry gents, but my vagina’s gonna bleed for the next several days and I don’t want to interfere with this normal biological process. Wanna cuddle?  My period hit hard this month. At the risk of TMI, it’s not particularly heavy but I feel like what energy I had left just got flushed with that tampon. It’s not…
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Costume Wigs For Women: Under $20 Shopping Guide

Wigs are hot. No, really. If you have hair already, and you put another layer of hair on top, it’s basically like you’re wearing a big hairy hat. Fortunately for wigs, they are also cute and versatile and easy to take care of once you know what you’re doing. 100% worth a bit of heat,…
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Costume Wigs: Trying on My Latest Purchase [Video]

I’m always on the lookout for fun new costume wigs and I recently picked up a new one from Amazon. It came in the mail yesterday, so I decided to record myself taking it out of the package and trying it on for the first time!

Internet Safety Tips for Online Adult Entertainers

Internet Safety Tips for Online Adult Entertainers

Take inventory of anything you should never reveal, and make sure you have a suitable alternative answer for anyone that might try asking. The real answers stay locked away forever in a holy text that no one can understand.

How Much Do Camgirls Make… and is it worth it?

Part 2 of Webcam Modeling Explained By a Model in Business 6 Years. I don’t want to step on your dreams, but… Most of the so-called information available on how much camgirls make is grossly exaggerated or downright false.

Webcam Modeling Explained By a Model in Business 6 Years

We live in a society. that is very preoccupied with the bottom line and how others can serve us. When I sat down to write this article, I was planning your run of the mill, albeit quite thorough, overview of what webcam modeling is and the steps one might take to become a webcam model. You…
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