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Interview with Male Webcam Model, Rob

My name is Rob, I am 35 and I live in TX. How long have you been working in the industry? Rob: Since 2014, off and on between 2013-2014. It was my main source of income when I was a student Talk to me about the early days and learning to run your cam room.…
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Sex Work Scam Alert Twitter Account @MemberBlasts Enlightening Interview

It’s cliche, but I held the belief (like many do) that camming is an easy way to make some money and it doesn’t require much effort to at least have SOME success. Those beliefs were, of course, held when I was younger and dumber – in my early 20s. Since then, those beliefs have been…
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Asking For Help: A Story By Erin Carroll

I wrapped my fingers around the handle of my refrigerator door. I hated this. I hated doing this. Why even look? I knew what was in thereā€¦ Even so, I gave it a tug and let myself become reunited with this useless trio: -a dwindling pack of tortillas -a bottle of coarse grain mustard -an…
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Fred Brokelink – On Watching Chaturbate Cams [Interview]

A couple weeks back, I saw this gentleman’s tweet and felt compelled to respond as follows: I am right now considering closing this account. I have done my best to show support with money and promote when possible. Yet i have been forgotten too many times by “friends”. I am not a walking credit card.…
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Veronika Rose Chaturbate Model Interview

Veronika Rose, What’s Your Secret? [Video Interview]

Watch: Transcription: Rachael: I’m Rachael from and I’m here with the award-winning mayor of Fuckville, Veronika Rose. Veronika: Nice to meet you! How long have you been working as a webcam model? Veronika: July 15th 2013. So my camiversary with Chaturbate is November 11, 2013. Rachael: Lovely! Talk to me about the early days…
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An Urgent Message for Webcam Models

Transcription I’m Rachael. I am the owner of I suffer from severe social anxiety, and depression, and generalized anxiety. I’m terrified right now. Six years ago, my husband at the time introduced me to the idea of webcam modelling. He had the idea to try it himself since he couldn’t work locally. I did…
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