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Is Chaturbate Promoting Free Porn?

There is a huge problem with people not tipping the models who entertain them. Freeloaders run rampant. Some might call them “greys” but I think that’s actually a little classist. Grey usernames are attached to people too! People who haven’t connected their credit card to Chaturbate, but people nonetheless.  On first glance, Chaturbate might appear…
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5 Things You Thought You Knew About Sex Work

People who don’t work in the sex industry tend to have all kinds of ideas and opinions about the people who do. In fact, they seem to think they know an awful lot about the work they’ve never done, too. Those of us who actually know what we’re talking about couldn’t possibly know what we’re…
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How Much Do Camgirls Make… and is it worth it?

Part 2 of Webcam Modeling Explained By a Model in Business 6 Years. I ´╗┐don’t want to step on your dreams, but… Most of the so-called information available on how much camgirls make is grossly exaggerated or downright false.