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Do Positive Affirmations Work? Thoughts.

See what I did there? Positive affirmations work – wait, don’t run away just yet! A lot of people make light of positive psychology as a school of thought, some even regarding it as woo. It clearly isn’t a black and white issue, and I’m no psychologist, but let’s not throw out the baby with…
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Fred Brokelink – On Watching Chaturbate Cams [Interview]

A couple weeks back, I saw this gentleman’s tweet and felt compelled to respond as follows: I am right now considering closing this account. I have done my best to show support with money and promote when possible. Yet i have been forgotten too many times by “friends”. I am not a walking credit card.…
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Veronika Rose Chaturbate Model Interview

Veronika Rose, What’s Your Secret? [Video Interview]

Watch: Transcription: Rachael: I’m Rachael from and I’m here with the award-winning mayor of Fuckville, Veronika Rose. Veronika: Nice to meet you! How long have you been working as a webcam model? Veronika: July 15th 2013. So my camiversary with Chaturbate is November 11, 2013. Rachael: Lovely! Talk to me about the early days…
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cam game show ideas for chaturbate

Original Cam Game Ideas For Chaturbate

Most of my camming journey has happened behind the curtain of private shows and one-on-one interactions. As a socially anxious introvert, I never dreamed I’d do well in a more public setting. Turns out Chaturbate is chock full of amazing people from around the world and it really serves to bring people together when you’re…
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webcam modeling tips, camming tips

An Urgent Message for Webcam Models

Transcription I’m Rachael. I am the owner of I suffer from severe social anxiety, and depression, and generalized anxiety. I’m terrified right now. Six years ago, my husband at the time introduced me to the idea of webcam modelling. He had the idea to try it himself since he couldn’t work locally. I did…
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The Happy Planner That Ruined Me For All Other Planners

Let’s be honest. I’m not the most organized person in the world, but I ´╗┐always have this intention to become more organized. The thought of organization in my life brings me joy. So I always have to at least look at a fresh new planner. I can control myself… most of the time. But this time, I discovered…
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How to Respect Yourself and Live Your Values

Years ago, I was a very active member of a religious community. I made it all the way to Bible College by learning, believing, and internalizing all the values and ideas associated with the faith I was taught. I learned these values from my parents, my siblings, my limited network of church-going friends. Never once did I…
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5 Things You Thought You Knew About Sex Work

People who don’t work in the sex industry tend to have all kinds of ideas and opinions about the people who do. In fact, they seem to think they know an awful lot about the work they’ve never done, too. Those of us who actually know what we’re talking about couldn’t possibly know what we’re…
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Sex Work and Mental Health: What’s the Connection?

I was broadcasting live one day when a guest asked me if I suffer from any kind of mental illness. Bit of an odd start to a conversation at the time, as this was back before I decided to be open about my mental health, but I rolled with it. I told him that in…
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