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Best Cam Sites For Making Money Online in 2022

If you’ve been doing your research on how to become a cam model, then you’ve already come across the various lists of top cam sites for making money online and in 2022 I want to make this decision as easy for you as possible.

The cam sites listed on this page have also been reviewed in more detail by the lovely Alluring Ali (author page | CO interview). So you’ll see a link to both the website and any reviews. Let’s get to it!

On Chaturbate, beginner cam models can dip their toes in
or build an empire.

Cam sites should do everything in their power to make it easy for a model to create and build their brand.

On Chaturbate, there are tons of options for personalizing your bio, connecting with social media, as well as promoting external products and services. Plus they bring in among the highest traffic potential in the industry.

I’ve loved the time I’ve spent on Chaturbate. There’s great potential for community-building and for adult performers just starting out to learn and grow in a fairly relaxed environment. When I try to I make pretty good money on there. Tons of apps and bots to play around with and keep things interesting, too!

The pay rate is standard at 5 cents per token, or at least 50%. That probably doesn’t sound like much if you’re just starting your research, but if you put some effort into it (especially during your first 7 days!) you’ll likely find it adds up quick.

It’s one of the biggest sites that’s also beginner-friendly, making it the perfect home base for many webcam models.

Become a Chaturbate Model

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MyFreeCams may be the best cam site to work on if you
into the hustle.

MFC is a similar style platform to Chaturbate, with the main difference being the level of competitiveness. There’s a lot of pressure to keep up your ranking by staying active and consistently bringing in tokens.

The pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and may be just what some models need to achieve success! So it really depends on your personality and goals. If the competitive nature of MyFreeCams intrigues you, f*ing go for it. Personally the place scares the hell out of me, hehe. But like I’m a turtle.

Like Chaturbate, MyFreeCam’s pay rate is the standard 5 cents per token, or at least 50%. It always just depends on the package the customer buys, since more tokens will be cheaper per token for them.

Become a MyFreeCams Model

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Chaturbate and MyFreeCams have one very important thing in common. These are both tip based platforms. They emphasize creativity and entertaining a crowd. They offer huge amounts of potential traffic, and plenty of opportunity for growing your business outside of the site.

The other style of cam site is the pay-per-minute platform. The most popular option in this category is Streamate.

Streamate may be a good choice for
more reserved folks.

This cam site does severely limit brand growth potential by restricting cam models from sharing social media or any off-platform communication. Such is usually the nature of the pay-per-minute cam site.

The pay rate is low, at 35%. But since it’s based on a per-minute model, the potential for earnings is similar to any other platform. Or at least, that’s how they justify it.

It might start a little slower as you’re building relationships with clients one at a time for the most part. In my experience Streamate requires a little extra patience especially in the beginning, but could be worth checking out if the other sites aren’t your jam.

Become a Streamate Model

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Side-by-side Comparison For the Indecisive

Payout5 cents p token
or at least 50%
5 cents p token
or at least 50%
Private showsAllowedAllowedPrimary Focus
Public shows AllowedAllowedNo nudity below the belt
Can sell pics/vids?YESYESYES
Can promote outside links?YESYESNO
Would I recommend this site to beginners at this time?YESNONO
Chaturbate vs. MyFreeCams vs. Streamate 2021 Comparison

Don’t take my word for it! Pick a platform that seems to match your vision and try it out.

Any of the best webcam modeling sites will allow you to sign up on multiple sites simultaneously. So try them out and see what works for you. I’d recommend giving any site a solid few weeks at least to give your future fans a chance to find you.

Here’s a quick guide if you need some help getting started. Let me know how it goes, and of course drop a comment if you need anything.

As with anything in life, showing up consistently is the first necessary step to ensure your success.

We’ll be reviewing more cam sites for you in the foreseeable future, and you’ll find several platform specific reviews and help guides on this page. Feel free to post any sites you’d like us to check out in the comments, or any comments or questions.



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