Best Cam Sites For Making Money Online in 2019

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Best Cam Sites For Making Money Online in 2019

best cam sites for making money online in 2019

Easily the most common question I get asked by people new to the webcam models industry: What’s the best cam site?

First of all, there is no perfect cam site. You’ll need to find something that fits with your vision. Let’s talk about the most important factors to consider when looking at any cam site if you’re out there Googlin’ and shit. I’ll zoom in on my top contenders, which are Chaturbate, Streamate, and EnticeLive. Let’s get on it.

Top 10 Factors to Consider For Best Cam Sites Status

1. Show me the money.

Obviously, you’ll want to know how much of your earnings you’ll actually receive. The model’s take home cut of earnings can range from 25% up to around 50%. We won’t automatically assume a higher percentage to be better than a lower one, since there are other factors at play here. Let’s see how our top contenders stack up here.

best cam sites for making money online

Important note: Many studios target new performers with promises of 70% and upward, but they’re referring to the amount of your take home earnings that you’ll actually take home. Suffice it to say they’re taking a little off the top for themselves. (*cough* internetmodeling *cough*)

2. Show me the traffic.

A high payout means nothing if the members are scarce. A busy site doesn’t just mean more competition – it means more opportunity. Also, the other models will become your family so let’s start off on the right foot and not think of us as competition in the first place. 🙂

3. How much control do you have over your profile and show?

Look at the site’s technical and customization offerings. Some sites are quite restrictive with bio and show format, while others allow for a lot more creativity. Just make sure there’s room to bring your vision to life.

4. Do they welcome your gender?

Most cam sites still have a looong way to go when it comes to gender options. I know this isn’t ideal, but let’s just make sure the site you’re looking at will actually let you register as a performer.

An aside: As a non-binary person I don’t really like any of these options, but I choose to appear under the category I feel brings me the most opportunity. Fortunately on CB I can change my selection anytime.

5. How and how often are you getting paid?

An otherwise fabulous cam site might not make the cut if they can’t send money to your country. Just double check that their payment methods and schedules work for you.

Important note: PayPal is not an adult friendly payment processor. Be wary of anyone offering to use it for cam payouts. Too many horror stories.

6. Security and privacy.

To qualify for best cam sites standing, they definitely need to take these things very seriously. Make sure you’re satisfied with their capacity for geographic restrictions, as well as how they handle your personal information. Don’t take your privacy for granted!Stay safe out there.

7. Support and communication.

If you need help with anything, will it be difficult to reach a human who speaks the same language as you do? If in doubt, shoot them an email and see how they handle it.

8. Reputation.

Is this cam site a new player, or have they been around for a while. How established are they in the industry? Check out what people are saying about them in the forums, on social media, etc. Take any anecdotal praise or complaint with a grain of salt, since everyone has their own experience. But, you can get a general idea of how they’re doing.

9. Brand development opportunities.

A lot of sites are concerned about cross promotion hurting their bottom line, and as a result don’t give their performers enough space for developing their own brand. If you’re thinking about creating your empire you should think about whether the site you’re looking at will allow you the space to grow. One important question to ask: Are links to other companies allowed?

10. Content sales opportunities.

I’d argue that the best cam sites are the ones that present you with ample opportunity to not only promote your other stuff, but to sell pre-existing content right on the site. We’ll look into more streamlined content selling platforms in the future, but for now we’re just looking to see if that’s an option on the site you’re looking to broadcast live from.

best cam sites making money content sales

Studios are not cam sites. A brief explanation.

If you look shit up you’re gonna come across a number of sites that look deceptively great. They offer all kinds of perks, high payouts, “coaching”, that kind of thing. But look closely. Many of these masquerade as their own site but in reality they’re just a front for the main contender and if you sign up through them, they’ll take a cut every time you get paid. Explore at your own risk but stay away from cuz they balls.

As a general rule I definitely recommend signing up independently. EnticeLive is an exception because actually pays them to act as their US Support.

Okay, where should I sign up?

Now you know what to look for. If you’re wanting to start making money on cam sites I would recommend just picking one that sounds good to you. You can always switch sites or work on multiple sites as long as you don’t get caught up in studio contracts that prevent you from doing so. Start with one to learn the ropes.





I’ll be going into more detail on each of these and other sites, soon! Feel free to post any sites you’d like me to check out in the comments. Thanks and take it easy.

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