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Ayumi: Built Cam Modeling Empire & Retired at 26

We interviewed Ayumi of Ayumi Industries. The 28 year old affiliate/webmaster from Japan has been working in the online adult industry for the past 10 years and has built her own personal empire! She’s graciously agreed to answer some questions about her experience. Let’s dive in!

ayumi industries affiliate webmaster adult

Question: “Let’s talk about the early days and learning how to run your business. What were some of your biggest challenges?”


“Learning code. Having days off coffee. Learning code.”

Question: “Can you identify any ideas you once held about the adult industry, and how your own work has changed or affected these?”


“Yes I used to think everyone thinks its easy. Sit around naked. Men pay. They expect them too. They are wrong.

It isn’t easy and that is why many will fail or stay in the same place.”

Question: “How has your work in the adult industry changed you as a person or affected your personality?”


“I now have a small empire or, as I call it, my industry. Ayumi Industries.

It has made me wealthier than I would have been in any other job I can think of. It has made me smug about that but I think I deserve the right. I worked very hard.”

Question: “How has your work changed or affected your personal relationships with family and friends?”


“Money means I can treat them more.

So the relationship is always good. Family and friends are a small group so no sycophants in sight.”

Question: “What do you love and hate about your choice of occupation?”


“Love = Money and the fact I’m always busy.

Hate = I feel weird having time off because things get out of control after just a few days away.”

Question: “Our society has a lot opinions about sex work. Tell us something about you or your work that would surprise someone who doesn’t know better.”


“You can easily diversify and end up not having to work at all after a while.

Greed is a subtle creeper though. Why be lazy. Tell society to introduce me to some more retired 26 year olds (28 now).”

Question: “What do you think is the most important piece of wisdom you could possibly impart on someone just getting started in the industry?”


“Rest well. 

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Identify what you can do better and do it. 

Don’t floss drunk.”

ayumi pie ayumipie industries

Final Question: Where can folks connect with Ayumi?

Ayumi: “Just type ayumipie or ayumibay or ayumitoys or ayumicams in google. Follow the rabbit hole. You’ll find me if you really need to but you will be distracted by some cute and awesome people first!”

Thanks, Ayumi! 💫

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  1. learning how to code and setting up your own websites and establishing your own empire….What a Girl Boss!!! Go Ayumi!!

  2. Thank you all for reading my interview! Camorbits is great looking and i’m loving the site. Got me envious in fact.
    Good luck to everyone and stay safe!!

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