An Urgent Message for Webcam Models

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An Urgent Message for Webcam Models

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I’m Rachael. I am the owner of I suffer from severe social anxiety, and depression, and generalized anxiety. I’m terrified right now.

Six years ago, my husband at the time introduced me to the idea of webcam modelling. He had the idea to try it himself since he couldn’t work locally. I did my first cam session a couple hours before work. Made sixty bucks. Paid off the webcam that I had invested in. I was elated. I felt like I’d found The Secret. I knew I had stumbled upon something incredible that was going to change my life. Two months later I was quitting my job because I’d decided that I could actually support myself solely through camming.

It’s been up and down. Past six years I’ve definitely grown a lot as a person. I’ve learned a lot about people and about myself.

The personality we think is key…

When I first started researching what it would take to succeed as a webcam model I came across a lot of advice that said personality is key, said you have to be outgoing, said you have to be bubbly and enthusiastic. I got the impression that there’s a particular type of personality that is kind of expected in this industry.

I’m an introvert. I don’t fit the bubbly, outgoing box. I’m not particularly friendly. I’ve never been particularly fond of people, frankly. I think a lot of people are dumb. I’m working through that.

So when I first started I kind of had this idea that I had to kind of crank up the volume on myself in order to keep people’s interest, in order to seduce people. And for years I wore makeup*, did the lingerie thing, mastered various poses and facial expressions. I’m not trying anymore, because it’s not me.

…might negatively affect your long term mental health.

Years of trying to make myself fit my idea of someone else’s expectation of me led to burnout, led to severe mental illness, depression, anxiety. I was unable to work at all for an extended period of time.

Fortunately because of the industry I work in and the flexibility therein, I was able to keep going. I was able to re-brand and start over – a couple of times actually.

I think I finally figured it out.

YOUR personality is the key to YOUR success. Not theirs.

I think it’s too often overlooked in this industry that YOUR personality is crucial to your success. You are unique and you have something inside of you that nobody else has – that’s you. Your perception of your world is something that you can’t fake. You can’t make your personality better. You don’t have to fit somebody else’s idea of what a webcam model is.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s a market for your personality – there’s a market for every personality. And the only way you’re gonna corner that market is by being unabashedly you.

And the only person that can be you… is you.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

webcam modeling tips, camming tips

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  1. Tessa Lee says:

    i 1000% agree w/ this article. As an introvert w/ anxiety who’s naturally shy myself, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to put on the typical “model persona” and be believable or like what I was doing for that matter. I’ve found the freedom of expression in this line of work is just that, freedom. To be exactly how you are or to be the exact opposite. Different strokes for different folks and I’m so glad I found that there is
    a different ‘personality niche’ for everyone, as well- that doesn’t have anything really to do with sexuality. Great article, Glad I found this site!

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