We interviewed Alluring Ali (AlluringAli25), a 32-year-old webcam performer from the Washington DC area. She’s been working in the adult industry for a little over six years, she says, and “likes to keep an open mind and cater to a variety of interests.”

Alluring Ali says her biggest challenge in the beginning was figuring out her cam schedule.

“I quickly learned to keep the same schedule, even on slow days. You never know who will pop on by.”

When prompted about her personal relationships, Alluring Ali says, “If anything, I am more open and honest with my family and friends.”

“For a while, my boyfriend, now my husband, was the only person who knew what I did for a living. Eventually, it was tiresome to keep it all a secret, so I came out to everyone in a matter of days. It was lovely that everyone was so supportive and some even ask questions out of curiosity.”

“I speak my mind more often,” she says.

“A lot of people tend to appreciate that. I especially learned the importance of this when FOSTA/SESTA came to pass. I remember being so nervous writing to my senator, something I never thought I would do. He wrote back telling me I had given him a lot to think about. It was an unexpected surprise since I honestly did not think I would even get a response back.

A lot of people think sex work is easy. “You get on cam, get naked, and make money, right? It’s not that simple.” Alluring Ali explains:

“You have to be your own boss. You have to make yourself cam, make content, turn on your phone sex line, etc. Then, you have to market yourself. Why should a client purchase your services when there are thousands of models to choose from? Even when you get them interested, it may not even be about getting naked. Some of my fans like domination, role playing, fetishes, all of which may never even me getting undressed. Lastly, you want your fans to like you so they keep coming back, so you have to put yourself out there personality wise.”

Alluring Ali says she still sees herself working in the adult industry in 10 years.

“However, I do plan on exploring my passions. For the last couple of years, I have been an erotica ghost writer. Eventually, I would like to public some of my own works. I also plan on setting up an online bakery shop in the future.”

To those just getting into webcam modeling, Alluring Ali offers her wisdom:

“Diversify! By this, I mean don’t stick with one website. My main site I worked on for years ended up shutting down last year without any warning. I would have been devastated if that were my only source of income. Also, don’t stick with one niche. Try out a few new things here and there. At this point, I do masturbate, female domination, role playing, cosplay, fetishes (balloons, feet, fetish clothing, etc.) anal, being a submissive, and audio recording.”

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