Hi folks,

Ray here from Cam Orbits. I am excited to announce that we are ready to start the next round of adult entertainment industry interviews! At this time we would like to extend an invitation to professional sex workers and related professionals who have an interest in destigmatization and social justice, as well as adult industry promos, and networking opportunities. We’re gonna set up some stuff. So we want to hear from EVERYONE – models, photographers, promoters, mods, and your mom. Let’s go.

Eligibility to Complete the Attached Form:

1. You’ve worked in the adult entertainment industry for at least 6 months.

2. You have an interest in social justice especially in porn.

3. You want to.

Follow the link at the end of this post…

You’ll find a handy dandy form. Fill it out the best you want to, or answer the questions in whatever format you prefer.

As long as we keep it PG-13 or so… we can accept videos, graphics, songs, poetry, or prose. Be creative!! Use this form as a jumping off point to promote yourself and network within the industry! We’ll also be following up with participants who indicate an interest in collaborating on future projects, writing for the blog, or participating in a live follow up interview. Or whatever.

What are you waiting for? 🙂

Thanks for being here. Looking forward to getting to know all you amazing people.

Here’s the interview.

See ya,


2 Replies to “CamOrbits Adult Industry Promo & Networking Opportunity”

    1. Hi Jasmine, absolutely! We’d love to hear from you. Please use the form on this page to submit your initial interview, and reach out if you need any help. Cheers, Ray

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