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About El3ctricLove.com

My fiance Will and I met while working at a local sex store in Seattle back in 2019. We enjoyed the highs of adult retail sales but grew tired of witnessing the lack of inclusivity and accessibility within the industry. When Covid-19 hit and we were laid off, we finally had the time to put our brains together and build something amazing. 

At the drawing board we discussed the need to bring something to the table that we saw so many people needing; a place where anyone could shop for adult toys, that informed rather than sold, was inclusive of people’s gender, sexuality, disability, age, race, occupation, and other needs, and also exclusively carried adult products that were made with body-safe material and ingredients. 

So we made it happen and created el3ctriclove.com.

Our Website’s Features & Tools

As a graphic designer and web development nerd, I knew our website needed to be amazing. I was tired of adult retail websites looking either overly modest and boring, or extremely explicit with no real middle ground. Many adult stores feel taboo and are clearly targeted for the middle aged straight couple. 

Our website is bold, fun & bright because to us, making our customers feel comfortable and to enjoy visiting our website is beyond important. Our website incorporates features that adult performers & industry professionals can use and benefit from like a shareable wishlist, affiliate programs & industry discounts. 

We have already teamed up with adult film star Lenna Lux and feature hard copies of her dvds available for purchase on our site. On the left side of our website you can find our accessibility widget, which was both a must-have for us and a feature that certain larger adult retailers are missing. If you consider something like accessibility tools to be an afterthought, what message does that send to the people who need those tools?

The Future of El3ctricLove.com

We had both also become frustrated by the lack of knowledge among many of the customers entering our old workplace. Of course, we recognise that it isn’t their fault. Sex education in the USA is hardly comprehensive in the best districts. So much of people’s sex education depends on how comfortable their guardians are with talking to them about sex, and/or how interested they are in resarching on their own. 

We are filling our social media platforms with fun and shareable infographics aimed at getting people more comfortable with talking about sex, and just getting info out there in easy to digest bites. Also in that vein, my business partner and fiance Will is writing a book called “B is For Body-Safe.” Pages of the book will be released as part of our monthly newsletter starting in July along with important sexual health resources, exclusive monthly discount codes, news and updates about the website and more.

Our long term plans are to expand our online store into a brick and mortar location where people can gather to drink some coffee, read some books about sex (or smut, we don’t judge), and discuss sex in a safe, non-threatening environment. We want a place where a pro-dom can vet a client, a parent can pick up a book to help them talk to their kid about sex, and either of them can walk out with the toy of their dreams. 

In the meantime, we have a badass website with a large resources page and room to grow! 

We are adding new products daily, and if there is something that you want but cannot find just hit that chat button and we’ll see if we can’t find it for you. You can follow us on Instagram at OfficialEl3ctricLove, Twitter @El3ctricLoveUS, on Facebook at El3ctric Love, and of course on our own site at El3ctricLove.com.

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  1. Sex ed is a huge issue in a lot of countries, unfortunately. Most parents are either ashamed to talk to their kids about sex or know very little themselves and therefore have zero input to pass on. Just checked your site, great work, guys!

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