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6 Easy Cam Show Ideas For Models on Streamate

On Streamate, cam show ideas can be more of a challenge, especially since models cannot get fully nude. This means no toy show goals. It is all about getting fans to either go private or reach goal for a Gold show. Personally, private shows are always my main focus, but I think these ideas can work for Gold show goals as well.

streamate cam show ideas

A Topless Show is certainly allowed.

If there is one thing you can definitely do in free chat, it is get topless. I usually get a lunch time topless show going due to the amount of fans that are on a quick lunch break and do not have time for any real fun. It is more than just getting topless.

Sometimes I add some dirty talk in there, nipple clamps, a feather duster, flogger, vibrations on nipples, or even some hot oil. It really depends on the mood of all parties involved as well as how much they are willing to tip.

Put on a sexy Panty Show.

If I do end up showing anything below the belt, I make sure to wear panties that fully cover me up due to Streamate’s strict rule on not showing any nudity below the belt. I have seen other models using a Lush for fun in free chat. Other options- a wand or a vibrator over panties is always a hot tease.

Either tips usually start rolling in or someone caves and ends up taking me private. If I am doing a panty show, I usually offer fans the opportunity to spank me as well.

JOI – Jerk Off Instructions – can lead to a fun cam show.

Jerk off instructions is one of my higher tip menu options in free chat. It is usually a couple of minutes of instructions. However, most guys end up tipping for more time or more activities.

For instance, if someone pays for JOI and topless, putting a dildo in between your breasts is always fun to do.

If someone pays for JOI and blowjob tease, fans love an up close view of your face with dirty talking while sucking, and drool is always an eye catcher.

If it is strictly just JOI, hand motions are always great addition.

With any of these shows going on, I do make sure all members in my room are tipping. Most fans are more than happy to comply because that means a longer show.

Foot Fetish is not going out of style.

Showing my feet is my biggest request. Perhaps Streamate has a high number of foot fetishist that are actually willing to pay to see feet. It took a while for me to figure out a foot fetish show since I was not used to showing them off on cam without some sort of masturbation involved in a private show.

First, I would describe feet in detail as I show them off closely to the cam. Describe your toes, wrinkly soles when you scrunch your feet, your arch, what size your feet are, and anything else you can think of. Ask the fan what they like about your feet. A lot of fans are typically into one particular part of the foot. Very rarely do I get guys into the whole package. If my toenails are unpainted, I do offer to paint my toenails on cam for a tip.

Get creative with Costumes.

Like most sites, you really can’t go wrong with costumes on Streamate. Currently as I write this on May 2nd, today is the BattleofHogwarts Day, which means I am in my Gryffindor outfit. I have had new people come by and book me strictly because I am a Potter fan. Tomorrow, a new season of Rick and Morty will be out so I will be in a Rick and Morty outfit. May 4th is Star Wars Day so I will be in my Princess Leia outfit. May 5th, over the past couple of years, people have been trying to get revenge of the 5th going, so since I do not have any dark side costumes, I will just be in an R2D2 dress.

The main idea is to keep up with social trends. Twitter is a great tool to see what is trending.

If nothing in particular is going on that day or it does not interest me, I think it is important to have an interesting cam room. Currently, my background is anime artwork I have collected at conventions. I have had numerous people stop by just to inquire about it and most of the time, it does lead to tips or private shows.

Take control with Female Domination.

Streamate is the site where I have the most slaves and submissives. While most opt for a private show, sometimes they do enjoy public humiliation.

Investing in a strap-on is highly recommended. Also, it is definitely good to have practice in small penis humiliation, virgin humiliation, and in general verbal humiliation.

Perhaps my most interesting and popular request is wrestling. A lot of men like a woman overpowering them physically. I usually end up wrestling a big pillow.

Of course, this is all for tips. Sometimes it will lead to outfit changes such as leather, latex, stockings, and gloves. I will say it is really fun to make multiple slaves in the room and make them see who can last the longest and sort of make things a competition.

Keep them coming back & wanting more.

Just because you cannot get fully nude in free chat does not mean there aren’t ways to entice members to come to your room or tip, which can lead to reaching gold shows or someone taking you private. The key is to do a lot of teasing, never leaving them fully satisfied. If a fan is going to orgasm in free chat, it has to be worth it for me financially. Overall, I would say cater to a variety of fans and keep up to date on daily fun social trends to set the mood for your cam room.

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