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Cam Orbits exists to bridge the gap between performers, viewers and everyone in between.

Sex work is work and sexy people are people.

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# Reasons You Should Talk to Yer Dad About Camgirls

We live in a society. Webcam modeling has become a major industry, on an international scale, with hundreds of thousands of models and tens of millions of viewers across dozens[…]

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Interview with Male Webcam Model, Rob

My name is Rob, I am 35 and I live in TX. How long have you been working in the industry? Rob: Since 2014, off and on between 2013-2014. It[…]

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Sex Work Scam Alert Twitter Account @MemberBlasts Enlightening Interview

It’s cliche, but I held the belief (like many do) that camming is an easy way to make some money and it doesn’t require much effort to at least have[…]

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How has the adult industry helped you become a better person?

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Cam Orbits aims to be a collective endeavor involving performers, viewers and everyone in between. Here’s the current roster. If you’re interested in contributing to the project in any way, please reach out!


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